You Called, Mr. Murphy?

It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday. Morning, at that. I would like a do-over for the week to date. Somehow in the space of two days I have run up against a week’s worth of bad luck. Mr Murphy has claimed me as his bitch.

Q tipped water all over my work files, smearing my handwritten notes into an illegible mess on Monday morning. Right after that I discovered that the software install I got to allow me to kid-glove handle a pissed off client failed. Then I got to call said client.

There may be nothing more spectacular than a pissed off New York doctor.

My paycheck, which should have been in my hands on Friday, still hasn’t even been mailed yet. This is resulting in the bouncy type of checks. Which will thrill my husband, as one of those bounced right out of the place he works.

Then Q decided to play Santa. One of the ‘gifts’ he wrapped up and hid? The car keys. To the car for which we only have one set.

Insomnia struck again last night, for the third night in a row. But  I tried to use it to my advantage by grabbing the laptop that is dedicated to my work and writing programs, and getting some words down.

Except the power cord and the laptop seem not to be friends any more. I want them to be friends. I need them to be friends! Why aren’t they friends?

This is a critical piece of equipment for me. It’s all fancy and stacked with programs. Critical enough so that I’m simply going to buy a new one today.

Or I would if I’d been paid.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, I was working on my goals, though Murphy took a swipe at a few of those, too.

Goal #1 – Got a post up on my problem with boredom, but that is all. I would have had a second one last night, but. . .you know. . .computer fail.

Goal #2 – shelved for this round

Goal #3 – Social Media – trying to unlink my FB/Twitter accounts. I find I often end up seeing the same stories over and over again in the various media platforms. I’m going to work under the premise that different comments in different environments may help. Why follow me on FB if you do on Twitter and there’s nothing new to see? But Murphy seems to be foiling my attempts to unlink. Or maybe I had a lobotomy when I wasn’t looking.

Goal #4 Children’s WIPs – still toying with the concept of seasonal attention to these – it may be more successful.

Goal #5 – doing a ton of reading and a fair number of comments on blogs. At the halfway mark for the week.

Goal #6 – Edits – I found myself a reader to help me make less of a hash out of my edits, got a password protected page up on wordpress so I can share with her. Great, right? It would be if all the words weren’t locked up in a program on the dead computer. I don’t have that program on the desktop, and no room to install it. Awesome.

Goal #7 – I found my edit buddy, and my award pass along is almost done, so doing great on my short-term goals, for a change.

Goal #8 – Still reading the Scarpetta Factor for my reading challenge.

Goal #9 – N/A until Sunday.




Checking In and Modifying Some Goals

Here’s a quick question – anyone out there using Dragon Naturally speaking? Anyone that’s using Scrivener know if it is compatible with Dragon? My fingers just can’t keep up with my brain and I’m seeking an alternative.


Goal #1 – Only did two of my 3 posts this week – one about my crazy and possibly creepy neighbors, and one about writer-me, and the importance of words. That one kind of needed to be written upon learning that the individual who had the greatest impact on me and my writing passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Goal #2 – I am scrapping this one for now. I think I have something wonky going on with my google account, so I’m going to table this for now and bring it out again later, either as a short-term goal or in a future RoW engagement.

Goal #3 – Social Media – I’m at about 60% of my stated goal here. I’ve been in a foul mood and am trying to refrain

Goal #4 – Children’s WIPs. Nothing. Again. For some reason I seem to gravitate toward these more in the summer.  Now that I think about it, ALL my media habits seem to be seasonal – paranormals and crime novels in the fall & winter, romance and chick lit in the summer. Comedy movies in the summer, horror in the winter. Music  is the same way. Hmmm…discovering this could turn to my advantage. Tuck that aside to work with later.

Goal #5 – Catching up on my blog reading and added a few more to my follow list. Trying to comment more regularly, and I’ve definitely improved, but still just lurking on a number of them.

Goal #6 – Edits. Whoa! First, this one is being modified – no longer giving myself a page marker on this – going with a time marker instead – 4 hours a week. Which I knocked out of the park this week. Getting characters and some of the pages I’d revised into Scrivener, trying to figure out whether or not I like it, got a LOT of my read through done last night.

And I need a partner. After looking at the words, crossing them out, writing new ones in, over and over and suddenly I find myself in that position where you’ve said the same word so many times that it no longer has any meaning. I need a reader. I think later this week I’ll look into that.

Goal #7 – Short term this week: all holes on the first floor are patched and awaiting paint, upstairs will be done today. Win!

This Weeks #7: Two unrelated parts – I was given a blog award that I need to pass along, so I’m going to get that done. I’m also going to look into a reader/partner for my revisions. I need input from someone  – perhaps putting together a password page on here?? Not sure but I definitely need some input.

Goal #8 – Restarting The Scarpetta Factor. My first stab was in the ER waiting room and none of it stuck.

Goal #9 – sidebar updated.



Checking in From My Hiding Place

Okay, not ten minutes ago, I posted on RantRaveWrite about an odd encounter with my neighbors.

And when I just went out to coffee up, I watched their car pull into my driveway.

I’m a coward. I hid. I’m in the back room, far away from windows and doors and pretending they aren’t out there.

They’re not here for me anyway.

And I’m too tired. I just can’t deal with the weird right now.

So I’ll just ignore them and work on my update.

Goal #1 – I just posted the neighbor encounter, and I am halfway through two more blog drafts, so I’m coming along well with this one.

Goal #2 – Still ignoring this domain/email link thing. Going to try it again this weekend, after hiring a babysitter. I need to focus, because for some reason I am missing a step in this.

Goal #3 – Social Media – still making an effort at this, but not up to my stated goal. May look into HootSuite and Triberr, they have both been suggested as easy mays to manage multiple social platforms. Maybe that would help.

Goal #4 – Childrens WIP – Zip. Grr.

Goal # 5 – I’ve not been reading as much as I’d like, but I am making a concerted effort to comment when I do. I’m gaining ground on this one and at least developing the comment habit.

For the love of God, they are STILL out there.

Goal #6 – Edits. Nope. But I’ve spent the better part of the last two days in hospital or nursing home dealing with my Grampa’s illness. Cutting myself some slack because of this. When I come home, I just fall into sleep.

Goal #7 – My short-term goal is to finish patching the walls the dog destroyed. Working on it, but some of the holes are deep and require layer after layer of mud. But it’s happening.

Goal #8 – Reading for my challenge – a few pages in the hospital, but I can’t concentrate there. I think I need to re-read the first chapters.

Goal #9 – Nothing to see here until Sunday.

Here’s the Linky.

A Veeewy Quiet Check In

Shhh! Nobody move.

The kid is still sleeping and it is blissfully quiet. I’m hoping I can crank out this post and dye my hair before he wakes up and demands that the flurry of our Sunday activity kicks in.

We have lots to do today. I was reminded of this when kiddo woke me up at 5:00 AM, eager to go his friend’s birthday party. I demanded he go back to bed, which he actually did for a change.

Goal #1 –  One, two, three, four! posts up in Rant Rave Write between last Monday and today. I actually exceeded my three post goal.

A couple of them are short random rants – My Valentine’s post, and another, better example of love went up. A third, longer random one also went up detailing  just one more of the absurd situations I keep finding myself in. This time it was a Team Building or: How To Be Violated at the San Diego Zoo. I really must figure out how this stuff keeps happening to me. The fourth is one in which I was put in my place by a four-year-old.

DAMN! There’s the kid. That didn’t last long. I believe that was four minutes of silence. Sometimes I think it’s a shame that tying children up has such a bad rap.


I really don’t care if he runs around like a hooligan. A gag on the other hand…

Ahem. Goal #2 – I got tapped out in this domain/email link thing last week. I’m caving and now admit that this is something I really must concentrate on when it’s quiet. Which may mean that it is deferred until 2015.

Goal #3 – Social Media – not a lot here, I just have no enthusiasm for it. I think I need some suggestions of FB pages/Twitter feeds to subscribe to – maybe if I have a reason for checking in to the sites, I’ll post something, or interact with the posts of others. Any ideas for me?

I need a site that I can feed all of the feeds into – RSS, Google+, FB, Twitter, Networked Blogs each in its own corner of the page.

Goal #4 – Nothing on the Children’s WIPs. I talked to my potential illustrator last week and we ended up spending all the time I had free catching up on our friendship and the book never even came up. Grrrr.

Goal #5 – Doing mostly okay on Blog reads/comments – making the minimum on RoW, not quite on the non-RoWers. Roni Loren had a great post this week on Blog Commenting, and I think a lot of what she had to say is true, and then some. I really want to do better with this.

Goal #6 – Edits – I’ve had no mind for this in the past couple of days – my grandfather’s in the hospital and my mom is having a bad mental health episode so my evening hours after the little goes to bed are dedicated to family check ins and talking my mom down from the proverbial ledge. But it is in my head more now that I really got something accomplished last week.

Goal #7 – My short-term goal was to find a home for all of the displaced furnishings that are stacked up in the dining room after a house purge got out of hand. Had a line on a number of points, but they all fell through. I will not forget about this though, as my husband reminds me about it daily. Freecycle, here I come!

This week’s #7:  Finish patching the spots in the wall where the puppy ate the drywall.

Goal #8Bookmark Break reading challenge: Finished Atlantis Betrayed, getting ready to begin The Scarpetta Factor, and reading The Phantom Tollbooth to my little as his bedtime book.

Goal 9 – Updating my sidebars – the reading challenge one has been updated, but not the writing one. 50%.


Checking In

Before I get into my goals, a quick thanks are in order to Natalie Hardford for passing along all three parts to the Goat Episode on her own blog. And if you haven’t read it, her Ding-A-Ling-Bling post is great. Not just any woman could make a man actually fear the bedazzler.

And now, the goals.

Goal #1 – Got a Valentine’s day post up on RantRaveWrite, so I still have two more to go. Plenty of ideas, I just have to find a way to get my butt to stay in a chair for more than ten minutes to write them.

Goal #2 – Domain investiga. . .forget it. I’m not talking about this. I’m not.

Goal #3 – Social Media – meh

Goal #4 – Children’s WIP – in about 6 minutes I’m on a phone call with one of the people I am considering for illustrations.

Goal #5 – Reading and commenting, finding some new blogs. Haven’t hit my target for the week, but I will before Sunday.

Goal #6 – Edits – I am changing this – it was originally so many pages read/edited each week.

New Goal #6 – 1 hour editing between each check in. Status: Failed. So that bar has been set nicely.

Goal #7 – This is my short-term weekly, which this week was to find a home for all of the random items I dislodged during a house purge last weekend. Not only did I fail at this so far, I actually brought in NEW items. Hoarders, here I come.

Goal #8 – Still reading Atlantis Betrayed for my reading challenge, and added The Phantom Tollbooth as a bedtime read with my little.

Goal #9 – N/A on the sidebar updates until Sunday.

Linky do.


Hold The Bus!

Pretty late with a check in. I spent half the day in the ER with my little after he took an alarming turn with the Sleestak disease. Thankfully, four hours later, my mind was put at ease by a doctor straight out of a fairy tale. Most specifically, The Princess Bride: 

So not as much done today as I’d hoped, but well, you know – life and all.

Goal # 1 – for the week I got two posts up in Rant Rave Write – the final goat episode and a rant about Askimet. I also finally got my post up passing along the Versatile Blogger award, and that was indeed a list so I’m calling it a slanting success on my list project.

Goal #2 – Domain Investigation. I spent way more than my 30 minute goal on this. Mostly because I found out how to link Google up to so I can have the email I want. But. . . I get to the last step and it goes all wonky on me. I can either do an upload of HTML onto WordPress or use code generated by WordPress and enter it onto the Google site. Can’t figure out where to put the HTML or why the code WordPress generated is being called invalid by WordPress. AH! My brain is eating itself.

Goal#3 – Social Media. . .me – a little bit of Twitter/FB work, but not as much as the stated goal. Still playing with and liking Pinterest, but at this point I’m only using it on a personal & family level, the only writing based anything up there is a board for brainstorming – simply photos that appealed to me on any level. Often a jumping off point for setting or story for me.

Goal #4 – Childrens WIPs – nope. Nothing.

Goal #5 – Still not meeting my non-RoW reads/comments, but close.

Goal #6 – Edits – Still working on this – I got two pages edited before last check-in, which was cause for celebration, and I’m still working on the next couple of pages. I do best with this if I read out loud, which is hard, because that always invites conversation from Quinn. Hard to find a time and place that I can pull this off. I may revise this one from so many pages read/edited to time spent.

Goal #7 – Failed on the tax prep one, but my office is nearly ready for the picking paint/building bookshelves period, so that was a success.

This week’s short-term goal: Find a home for all the furniture, TVs (yes, plural, how dumb is that?) and other things I dislodged on a massive downstairs cleaning bender. Preferably before my husband files for divorce over the pile of random crap stacked up in the dining room.

Goal #8 – Finished A Reliable Wife, started Atlantis Betrayed.

Goal #9 – Updated my sidebars last night. Of course this distracted me from actually finishing my check-in post, so not sure how successful that was.

Checking In From Sleestak Manor

It is dark here. And it smells bad. The sounds alone are enough to drive a man mad. Worst of all, I fear I am becoming one of them:

The Sleestaks have been keeping the shades drawn, and the smell of old tea and Vicks permeates the house. And the horrible, gut wrenching sounds of mouth breathing and hacking coughs echo in my head, even when I hide in the bathroom trying vainly to shower away their plague germs.

I’ve done load upon load of laundry this week and the smell of Lysol is losing the battle with the tea and Vicks. It is cosmically cruel to have one’s entire family sick at the same time. Even the dog is sick, sneezing her mighty St. Bernard slobber all over the back of my pants.


Yet somehow, I’m pulling this week off. I’m ignoring the little tickle in my own throat and have pulled into superhero mode. They are cared for, day job work is humming along nicely and my goals are walking about on their own legs this week! Yay!

Goal #1      Of the three posts I need to do, I have done 1, but it is part 3 of the 3-part real-life goat episode that I find hysterical and I am so happy I took the time to do that. . .I even got a reblog out of it. And I’m over halfway through the 10 x 10 I started on Sunday, so progressing well here.

Goal #2      Domain investigation – had a bit of time to finally get to this – looks like there is a Google App which will let me run an email through my domain. I bookmarked the page, now I just need to find the time to go back and take a stab at it.

Goal #3      Social Media – much better than normal. I even managed a couple of Rant Rave Write FB page likes that weren’t blood relatives. Yay me!

And I discovered a private tweet from back in January. I, um, didn’t know there were private tweets, so yeah. A scale of ignorance drops away. Again, yay me. Or does that not really qualify as a yay?

Maybe that qualifies on the same level of a normal 8-year-old going to the potty on their own for the first time? For the love of God, why has this taken you so long to figure this out??

Goal #4     Childrens WIPs. Nothing here so far. Again.

Goal #5      Doing better on both the RoW and Non-RoW reads/comments. Not at my mark for the week, but approaching it.

Goal #6     Edits. I DID IT!

Let the parade begin!

I actually opened that 8 pound monstrosity and started going through it. I know it weighs 8 pounds because I happened to spot the scale while I was walking by, and thought I’d take a quick peek at the damage hibernation eating has caused, and nearly had a stroke when I saw that I’d gained 8 pounds since December. When I realized I was still holding the binder, I put it aside, stepped back on and returned to breathing normally.

That spike of terror aside, I went through the first two pages. This may not seem like much, but to me, it is making the peak of Mt. Rainier in preparation for the Everest climb. And I am really fighting with a certain element of this book so I may borrow a method from Shah to see if I can get some feedback from others about it.

Goal #7     Woo Hoo! I cleaned my office. Sort of. I got rid of all the recyclable paper and clutter off the desk and washed the blankets and pillows I keep stacked on the couch. I still have to find a home for the giant stack of toys in the corner. I’m thinking Goodwill has lots of shelves, maybe I’ll put them there.  And then there’s the books. . . Still have to do some tax prep to lock this one in for the week.

Goal #8     Reading – Speeding through A Reliable Wife. Odd tale, that. A refreshing change from what so often feels like form writing.

Goal #9 –   I don’t have to update my status bars yet, but I have done some sidebar housekeeping – added a few sites to my blogroll, and found a few more I have to get up there.

So there it is. Now I’m off to see if showing in Lysol will make me feel clean again. I really don’t want to become a Sleestak. Green is just not my color.

Stay healthy and do the linky hop!