A Little Something To See Here

Been fighting for a while with a Seuss style poem for kids – a what do you want to be when you grow up sort of poem. I have been totally dissatisfied with the available books on this topic – they replay the same  jobs over and over – doctor, lawyer, policeman, teacher, fireman. Since I wasn’t happy with what I found, I started my own.

This is the first few stanzas, many, many more in varying stages, but I want to get a little feedback on readability and flow – any comments at all would be greatly appreciated.

What Do You Want To BE?

Are you ready, my dear,

for the world’s greatest game?

For imagining passion, peace, fortune or fame?


It’s so easy to play

for there aren’t any rules.

No game boards, no pieces, and no need for tools.


Just answer when asked,

And right away you will win!

Just listen each day, for the game to begin.


It will come, don’t you know

from nearly every direction.

It’s the most open, amazing, inspiring question.


What…do you. . .want…to BE?


Have you been asked yet?

What’d you say?

Did your imagination run wild?

Was it crazy?  Adventurous?  Or quiet and mild?


Did you know right away?

Did you take time to think?

Was it the same answer as last time, or entirely new?

Or was it the first time ever, that someone asked you. . .


What…do you…want…to BE?


There are so many things

That a be-er  can be!

All kinds of great choices between earth, sky and sea!


There’s the classics, of course.

But there are so many more,

the list could pile up in stacks on the floor.






You could be a high-up things reacher.

Pick apples! Pick pears!

And speaking of pairs

Do you now how many things

start off as a pair?

You could be a pair pairer and match up those things!

Mittens and socks, and of course all your pants

Boots, shoes and slippers and new car headlamps!


The list just keeps going,

exponentially growing

Getting bigger and longer

as you get smarter and stronger.



2 responses to “A Little Something To See Here

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  2. Lynnette, I came back around to see if you had seen my post about my son’s opinion on this and for some reason I didn’t see the post (I’ve been noticing that at times it will close out a page in place of the “Post Comment” comment button, so it’s probably my fault.

    My son liked it, but he wasn’t ‘glued’ to it. He said he’d like to hear more, but as he was running back into his room to make a sock puppet. He tends to be an “active” listener in the sense that he’s always active when I read to him, so this isn’t a criticism.

    If you phrase things careful it isn’t too Suess-ish, but I still worry about the derivative factor of the work. Especially in this litigious world we live in.

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