Indecisive and Slightly Possessed

My update this week is all about frustration and indecisiveness…

And this, after I’ve missed a number of updates altogether.

You may notice this isn’t the page I’ve been updating on.

I took down the page. It’s been glitchy, spazzy, EVERY time I’ve needed to update a plugin the auto-updater failed and I had to go manually dink around with code and other things that terrify me. I love the idea of having the full level of control, but something just wasn’t right. Going to research some more and try it again later.

Much later.

For now Rantravewrite is homeless – offline, as I wait for the DNS records to update back to

I played with this idea for a couple of weeks. Yes. No. Yes. No. Have a banana split. Yes. No. SQUIRREL! My mind was all over the place with it.

Last night, while doing something totally unrelated, I suddenly found myself halfway through the move.

I’d been indecisive for too long, it seems.

You know that little spot in the back of your mind that KNOWS what you should do, even when you’re waffling? Yeah, that took over and compelled my fingers to merrily do what needed to be done.

Aside from this, not much to report. I was third level sick this week, on the heels of my son being the same. Raging fever, hallucinations, the whole nine yards. Almost 10% of my body weight disappeared in the course of the last 6 weeks between the gall bladder deal, the subsequent surgery, then the sick. Harsh way to get back to fighting weight, and it left no energy for writing, housework or even reading for the most part.

This is probably going to be my last update for a while. I’ll be catching up with all of you, but no writing. I need to pull myself up out of this bog and shake off the mud before I can do much. And once I do, I need to clean the cobwebs from the house, from work and the other areas of my world I have been ignoring. Time to get the head on straight.

And for a giggle at my expense, to show you how loosely my head’s been attached lately, here’s a conversation I had with my son yesterday:

Q: It’s so beautiful out today.
Me: It is. We’re lucky to live in a place so verdant.
Q: What’s verdant?
Me: Green.
Q :Well why didn’t you just say green?
Me: — I don’t know, buddy. Probably for the same reason I didn’t name you Bob.
Q: Why didn’t you name me Bob?
Me: I don’t know.
Q: Mama, none of that made any sense at all.



3 responses to “Indecisive and Slightly Possessed

  1. just say green:) but no, no don’t let him loose any more words from our language please – I had to loose my gall bladder a few years back – look after yourself ’tis major after all -however easy nad routine the actual op is these days – thats an organ lost – the body thinks it’s major!

    take care- get well – see you anon:)

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