Round 1 Wrap Up, Open Invite and a Favor

How’s that for a catchy title?

All in all, I’m fairly pleased with my Round 1 wrap up. Didn’t hit every goal, but I did fairly well, and in some cases even exceeded my goals. Can’t complain about that, given the crazy stretch of sickies, strange happenings and obscene day job workload this round.

As a wrap up, this is a bit long. My posts are often a bit long. I need a T-shirt that just says Verbose. But this is killing my point here. Or emphasizing it. If you want to skim, please check out Goals 3 & 4 where I am looking for new to Triberr tribemates and begging a favor of you.

Can’t wait to see everybody in the next round!

Goal #1 – It was supposed to be 1 10×10 and 2 RantRaveWrite posts each week. I hit the three post total nearly every week, and in a few cases exceeded it. But not exactly according to specifications – not as many 10x10s as I should have done, but I’m calling this a 90% win.

Goal #2 – Working with the domain. – This one I did spent a lot of time on, but I wasn’t all that successful I scrapped it midway as a time eater. I will revisit this some other time when I can have alone time with it. Trying to manage that with one hand while the other hand is playing a game with Q is not working.

Goal #3 – Break out of my introverted shell by working with social media more – total score. I exceeded my minimum post requirement of 80 for the round – a more than doubled my goal. All in all pretty successful. I’m still working on the whole Triberr thing – I have a starter Tribe on Triberr called Write, Read, Repeat – as a starter Tribe, you can register and just hop in if you want without an invite. So far it’s a bit lonely – just me, Darlene and Alberta. I’m hoping to gear it toward writing, especially for anyone interested in collaboration, finding beta-readers, illustrators and feedback. Anyone who is registered w/ Triberr who would like to join, tweet me @rantravewrite for an inbreeding invite.

Goal #4 – Children’s WIPS – I didn’t do as much with this as I should have. *sigh* BUT I have a plan now. And it seems I like working on these more in nice weather, which we have been having copious amounts of this last to weeks, so I have dug back in. As a matter of fact, if you’d like a sneak peek at the first third of the Seuss style poem, it is on here. Check the A Little Something To See Here page.

Ok, what I’m really doing here is not so much offering you a sneak peek, as begging you to take a look and give me some feedback. This is outside of my normal writing style and I would love some comments about flow, rhyme, content – tell me you hate it or love it, I don’t care. This is literally the first time any eyes but mine have seen it.

Goal#5 – Blog reading/commenting – I struggled with this one early on, but now I’m nailing it. I have developed good habits by trying to reach the goal, so now I think those habits will stick.

Goal#6 – Edits – Mayyybe not so hot here. I did get to work on it, I have been making progress, but not enough. I did find an edit buddy to help me make sense of myself here, so hopefully by the start of the next round I’ll be better suited to continue this.

Goal #7 – Weekly Short Term Goals – Most of these were hit, but not all – maybe a 70% success rate. Not too bad for an experiment. But I like the short term ones, so I’ll probably carry that over to the next round, too.

Goal#8 – Reading for my Bookmark Break Challenge – consistently reading, but not at the pace I usually whip through books. Gotta step it up if I want to reach my Kindle goal.

Goal#9 – Sidebar updating – done, done done. All good on this one.



8 responses to “Round 1 Wrap Up, Open Invite and a Favor

  1. I’d love to join your tribe if you’re still looking. 🙂 I admit to being a total neophyte on the whole triberr thing so guide my next step, please. Is it a Twitter thing or something else?

    • It is a Twitter based thing – basically, you join a tribe, and link up a blog and a twitter account to it – each time you post a blog, we all see it in our stream and can choose to share a link to your owk on our twitter feeds in exchange for you sharing ours. If there is a post that you don’t want to share, you can skip it. You check in 1-2 items a day, see what we all have posted and decide whether or not to Tweet the links. You approve them all at once and they go out spaced all through the day – mine go out every 30 min right now so I don’t inundate my Twitter followers. I’ll follow up w/ step by step to join and find me a bit later.

  2. I keep meaning to look closer at Triberr, but like so many other things, it got sidelined this round. I do know that there is a ROW80 based tribe out there, just not sure how it works so I can’t tell you who to contact as far as invites.

    As for your story… Just my own opinion, I would not “Dr. Suess” it since that style is so frequently used for kid stuff. But I will save the link and ask my six-year-old when I pick him up from school. Never hurts to get the word of an expert in the field after all. 😉

    • Thanks for the input – I’m struggling a bit with the Seuss element too, feels derivative. But it keeps coming out this way. I want it to be read with a rollicking gait, and a rhyming system always facilitates that best. This is exactly why I need some input! Let me know what your kiddo thinks. Mine loves it, but he think the fact that Mommy write stories is magical and loves everything. Sometimes that’s not so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

    • Thanks! I think I needed none this round to get out of my own way – the social media stuff and the like. I’m trying to develop habits through RoW. Next round I’ll probably have fewer goals with higher demands. See you next round.

  3. Am definitely going to check out Triberr as it comes recommended more and more but I am not fast-moving in social media. Perhaps, I should put social media in my ROW goals for the next round yet I am what I am….

    Oh, I think the comment issue is resolving itself so email may not be necessary.


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