A Twitless Tweep and Tribeless Triberrer er er

Ok, I’m going to start this be freely admitting that I am a moron sometimes. One of my goals this round was to hone my skills and use of Social Media. I jumped into and out of Pinterest, signed on to Twitter and Goodreads, and started a FB Page for RantRaveWrite. I also jumped into Triberr, but that tidbit is for later.

This is why I am a moron:

1. I connected FB to my blog, and also to Twitter. This resulted in posts making the round over and over and over. I don’t like that, so I’m trying to manage them as parallels as opposed to duplications.  The moron part comes in when I tell you it took me two weeks to figure out how to unlink the FB/Twitter feeds. 12 year olds can manage this.

2. I put a Goodreads widget in my sidebar and then fought with it for a week and a half trying to make it actually SHOW my books.

3. Twitter is the real kicker though. I signed up through a gmail account I’m trying to link to my blog site (still haven’t accomplished that,either) After signing on, I took a quick tour through all the links on my page.

Since then, I keep having emails tell me that people have sent me direct messages, reTweeted and mentioned me, but I couldn’t find a trace of them on Twitter itself.

Two MONTHS after signing on, I discovered that the little @ Connect button at the top is where all this stuff has been. I thought that was a search for people by their @name. Two months. Really?

4. And because I was fighting this battle with my own stupid, I didn’t jump on the Triberr intro that was making the rounds here with Jenny Hansen. Now I’m signed up, but belong to no Tribe, save my own. If anyone has an invite they could extend for a Tribe relevant to what we do here on ROW80, I’d love to hook up. And because I didn’t even know that I would be starting my own Tribe by signing up sans invite, not I’m going to have to give some through to my Tribe.

As for goals –

Goal #1 – 3 Posts up on RantRaveWrite – done!

Goal#2 – Social Media. I’ve pretty well documented this one already. Got my goal time in and then some.

Goal #3 – Children’s WIP – moved a few stanzas around I have way more than I need, I just don’t know what to cut. But, opened and altered, so progress.

Goal #4 – Blog reading/commenting – definitely have established a full on habit here. I’m pretty happy with where I am on this one.

Goal #5 – Read ahead in it, but there was no reworking of this WIP because of a computer issue. But the new cord came in yesterday so I should be able to start in a week or so once I catch up on the paying work.

Goal #6 – I had a shorty here – have hubby wrestle the gym equipment back into the house. Being done today.

Goal #7 – Reading for the Bookmark Break Challenge – sailed through two complete books this week and then some.

Goal #8 – Updating Sidebar – done for my requirements and I even managed to add a few more links to my Blogroll

So this week I met or exceeded all of the goals that were possible – the crapped out cord hampering me edit work a bit, but still, I’m totally happy with this week. My Spring is showing!




13 responses to “A Twitless Tweep and Tribeless Triberrer er er

  1. What you write about linking and social media keeps me frozen in fear so I don’t connect my blog with FB but so far, am okay with Twitter, I think, but thenm what can frozen fear know?

    We can’t have you tribe-less so I will investigate Triberr as I don’t care for the new Tweet Deck but one may not have anything to do with the other.

    You’ve given me some courage.


    • HA! I’m not even sure if TweetDeck is the normal Twitter feed thing, or something else. I keep seeing that word pop up though. I’m trying to keep post feeds from flooding everywhere I go – I’d like to do a lot of sharing of other people’s work and commenting while keeping my own stuff down to a steady trickle. But I’ve been starring at this triberr thing on and off all day and am making only marginal sense of it. Grrr,

  2. Lynette, don’t feel bad. I used to be a helpdesk support person for a local Internet service provider (I even did setup and installations in people’s homes), and… I cannot get Tweetdeck to work for me; I had the stupid FB/Twitter thing going on duplicating posts; and I stare at the layout options for my blog and duck in fear.

    Actually, it sounds like you are doing amazing! Really. Sometimes the biggest issue is just looking at things a different way, and that’s harder than most people give it credit for being.

    • What I do for my day job is what makes this so frustrating! I use a remote connection device to connect to doctors worldwide and teach them how to use medical software and custom program elements of it. I should be able to figure this out!! Glad I’m not the only person challenged by my own technology.

      • I think that the technical nature of your job (and my old one) are part of why we end up failing sometimes. We don’t see the variations in style and we know how capable we are (trans. think we should be) that too often we don’t allow ourselves take in the learning curve. (or to Read The Fine Manual). 😉

  3. I wish you wouldn’t call yourself a moron, because I’ve done the same things before. The fact that you figured out the social media mystery on your own tells me you’re a genius. The things you mentioned (Goodreads not showing your books, FB/Twitter double posting, not finding your DMs and retweets, and Triberr troubles) happen to everyone. Except perhaps the people who hire their PR crew to do it all for them. Someday you’ll be rich from your writing and you’ll have a PR crew to hand all these headaches to. 🙂

    • I have a tendency to beat myself up when I’m frustrated. Especially over tech issues…especially when I have to ask for help from my 13 year old babysitter. I teach doctors how to use medical software and fix all sorts of glitches in their world, and it drives me bonkers when I can’t solve my own problems!

  4. It’s taken my over a year to do what I now do blogging/Social Network related. Although I haven’t even looked a Triberr… yikes. I do like Pinterest though. It’s just somewhere I story pictures for 50/50 of books/movies consumed, but also pop Rower posts and blogging related post. I’ll have one full of my own books later on… when I publish them 🙂 and by then I’ll have established quite an interest in my Pinterest account (its building surprisingly fast). My hope is that its just another way peeps will find me and my writing. Thats all any of it is really, and hopefully we enjoy ourselves and make buddies on the way 🙂 You’re doings brilliantly. Pat yourself on the back and if you figure out a tribe… can I get an invite too 🙂 X

  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re not making any mistakes that a lot of people (including myself) didn’t make. You sound a lot like me in that you don’t give up and you keep on trekking until you figure it out.
    That is an awesome quality!! 😀
    Keep up the great work and if you need help.. ask!

  6. The intracacies of social on-line networking are so vast I can’t even attempt to understand them. You are not alone. I tweet — irregularily. I FB — when I remember. Triberr. . . um. . . no idea. LOL We need a new, simple, networking platform for those of us overwhelmed by it all.

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