What Time Is It? 2:00? 3:00? 4:00? Yes.

I wish a gaggle of badly behaved children, full of candy and armed with loud toys, on whichever idiot thought daylight savings time needed to be implemented. I know, I know, farmers. . .daylight. . .work. . .incandescent lights. Whatever. I’m sure it seemed brilliant back in the 1890’s. Now it seems like a sadistic jerk into a week of late for school, no shows at meetings, and what-do-you-mean-your-county-doesn’t-participate?

A county that doesn’t participate? A county. What kind of pain in the ass is that? A big one when you have 7 calls scheduled at the mutually agreed upon 3:00 PM, which is still 3:00 PM for me, but it now 2:00 PM for you, so you are now expecting me at your 3:00 PM, which is now my 4:00 PM.

So essentially we now have a three-hour window encompassing one single moment in time.

Brain is threatening to implode over that little gem. How was I, eight states away, supposed to know that? I will say it one more time, people – Psychic is not part of the job description.

Whoa. Ahem. Moving on.

Goal #1 – I have 2 of my required blog posts up on RantRaveWrite so one more to go for the week.

Goal #2 – Social Media. I was sad, but I took down all of my Pinterest boards. Their copyright policy is too much, especially given that I had a Blogs I Love board – the last thing I’d want to do is give a third party the right to use someone’s words. Nasty stuff, that. If they modify their terms of use, I’ll go back, but not until then. I did finally unlink FB and Twitter accounts so they aren’t bombing people, and I finally got myself going on Goodreads, which I found a year ago but have been merely dinking around with up until now.

Goal #3 -Children’s WIPs – I actually opened one of those, which meets my sad little goal. With the warmer weather my brain seems to be turning back to them. They are part of the plan I am formulating, so I’m happy.

Goal #4 – Blog reading/commenting. Getting better. I am reading as many as I would like, and they are getting more diverse, so now I just have to get out of my own way and comment more.

Goal #5 – Reading ahead on the WIP, making notes and formatting in my brain, but the electronic version is still locked in the cordless computer. The cord should be here again on Friday. In anticipation of this I hired a babysitter for Saturday so I can crank out my backlog day job work so that I can get back to business with that.

Goal #6 – Short-Term – still working on the tax stuff. *sigh*. Why don’t I build my spreadsheet as I go, instead of retracing everything at the end of the year. I know I’m forgetting trips or missing receipts. Grr.

I didn’t post one for this week on Sunday because of the sick kiddo – so a quick one this week. Now that I’ve cleared room for it, haul the exercise equipment in from the porch. Nothing faster than a goal I will ask my husband to do for me. 🙂

Goal #7 – Read like a crazy woman this week for my Bookmark Break Challenge. Finished The Scarpetta Factor, started and finished The Killing Song and and more than halfway through Five Things I Can’t Live Without. Struggling with that one, on account of it not engaging me. I keep thinking, my list is better than this.

Goal #8 – Updating my sidebar will have to wait until Sunday.

All in all, not a bad week so far. And thanks to all of you that posted comments on my slapdash Sunday check in wishing me and my little well!



7 responses to “What Time Is It? 2:00? 3:00? 4:00? Yes.

  1. Geeze you’ve got a lot of goals. (Although I actually have a lot on my to do list too — I just didn’t put them all in my goals. Like Taxes.)

    As for Pinterest: so many of these sites overreach. (And no, you can’t give away copyright to anything you don’t own. They can’t claim it no matter what.)

    • Right? A county in Illinois. Ir maybe it was Indiana. I don’t know but it shorted my brain out big time – glad I’m not the only one thinking that is nuts. The whole state of AZ was bad enough.

  2. I hate daylight savings time with the fire of a thousand suns. It’s made me grumpy and tired all week.

    Sounds like your goals are going well! Hope you continue to make great progress.

  3. I’m with that country that doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings Time. Maybe if the people here stopped just “doing it” because it was in the calendar or on the news or what-have-you, we could get rid of the whole bad idea too… We should try that.

    You look like you’re really getting into some of your goals, Lynette. And THANK YOU for the reminder that I need to detach my Twitter and Facebook as well. And somehow separate the whole “writer page” on Facebook from my general posts or versa vica. 😉

    Loved reading your list for your Bookmarks break… Wow!

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