Checking In From Under the Covers

Ugh. This week kicked my ass. Sick kiddo, more computer problems, random unexpected guests, mega work load. For the last three days I have been trapped under the covers, comforting my little boy between bouts of hacking cough and the nastier sickies. I’ve been confined to one hand endeavors, as my right hand has been rubbing circles on his back for days to keep him at peace.

So I’ve pretty much accomplished nothing – 2 posts up on Rant Rave Write, one of them is a 10 x 10 on parenting book failures, one on saying good-bye.

I did have  chance to get caught up on my blog and social media reading – not many comments, as I am a lousy one handed typist, but I kind of reduced some redundancies, cancelling RSS feeds when I follow in a different way and streamlining a bit. I also finally got my registration on BlogHer tidied up.

No edits at all, that book is too heavy, and I can’t work on the computer version because the new power cords ordered for me turned out to be the wrong one. So another week at least before I will have access.

I also plowed through the remainder of The Scarpetta Factor and made it most of the way through The Killing Song. Not much to do when you’re trapped on the couch.

So my progress has been of the limping sort, but this week, I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve just made up my mind to kick next week’s ass.

Linky dance a round for me – I’m off to the walk-in clinic for the little, so won’t do much hopping today.


4 responses to “Checking In From Under the Covers

  1. Well yes you did have a frustrating week. But a sick child is no fun for anyone. Poor thing. Couch time was the best thing. But when health returns in your neck of the woods you will be ready to kick something that’s for sure! Keep up your spirits, get some rest and rock the row this coming week! Take care and don’t catch it whatever it is! 🙂

  2. I hope your little guy is feeling better. Poor guy, and poor mom. Sending a hug and healthy vibes your way. Hang in there!

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