You Called, Mr. Murphy?

It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday. Morning, at that. I would like a do-over for the week to date. Somehow in the space of two days I have run up against a week’s worth of bad luck. Mr Murphy has claimed me as his bitch.

Q tipped water all over my work files, smearing my handwritten notes into an illegible mess on Monday morning. Right after that I discovered that the software install I got to allow me to kid-glove handle a pissed off client failed. Then I got to call said client.

There may be nothing more spectacular than a pissed off New York doctor.

My paycheck, which should have been in my hands on Friday, still hasn’t even been mailed yet. This is resulting in the bouncy type of checks. Which will thrill my husband, as one of those bounced right out of the place he works.

Then Q decided to play Santa. One of the ‘gifts’ he wrapped up and hid? The car keys. To the car for which we only have one set.

Insomnia struck again last night, for the third night in a row. But  I tried to use it to my advantage by grabbing the laptop that is dedicated to my work and writing programs, and getting some words down.

Except the power cord and the laptop seem not to be friends any more. I want them to be friends. I need them to be friends! Why aren’t they friends?

This is a critical piece of equipment for me. It’s all fancy and stacked with programs. Critical enough so that I’m simply going to buy a new one today.

Or I would if I’d been paid.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, I was working on my goals, though Murphy took a swipe at a few of those, too.

Goal #1 – Got a post up on my problem with boredom, but that is all. I would have had a second one last night, but. . .you know. . .computer fail.

Goal #2 – shelved for this round

Goal #3 – Social Media – trying to unlink my FB/Twitter accounts. I find I often end up seeing the same stories over and over again in the various media platforms. I’m going to work under the premise that different comments in different environments may help. Why follow me on FB if you do on Twitter and there’s nothing new to see? But Murphy seems to be foiling my attempts to unlink. Or maybe I had a lobotomy when I wasn’t looking.

Goal #4 Children’s WIPs – still toying with the concept of seasonal attention to these – it may be more successful.

Goal #5 – doing a ton of reading and a fair number of comments on blogs. At the halfway mark for the week.

Goal #6 – Edits – I found myself a reader to help me make less of a hash out of my edits, got a password protected page up on wordpress so I can share with her. Great, right? It would be if all the words weren’t locked up in a program on the dead computer. I don’t have that program on the desktop, and no room to install it. Awesome.

Goal #7 – I found my edit buddy, and my award pass along is almost done, so doing great on my short-term goals, for a change.

Goal #8 – Still reading the Scarpetta Factor for my reading challenge.

Goal #9 – N/A until Sunday.




6 responses to “You Called, Mr. Murphy?

  1. I have a friend who always says, “This too shall pass.” Hopefully better days are heading your way, days with no bouncy checks, no water spills, and car keys in abundance. 🙂 In the meantime, if you figure out the answer to #3, please share. Have a better second half of the week!

    • It had better get better. I’m having one of those weeks where I could cheerfully blow up all the electronic gadgetry I own. I’ll let you know when I get underway. I’m SO excited that you are willing to help me with this…lots of gods, goddess and made up monsters as well. . . I like trying to pull as much real mythology in as I can incorporate.

  2. Ouch! Sounds like you’ve had more than your fair share of nasty stuff happening this past week. I whimpered in commiseration about the ruined notes! But, yes, as bad as this all is, I’m sure that it will get better. It won’t happen all at once or even easily, but it will.

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