Checking in From My Hiding Place

Okay, not ten minutes ago, I posted on RantRaveWrite about an odd encounter with my neighbors.

And when I just went out to coffee up, I watched their car pull into my driveway.

I’m a coward. I hid. I’m in the back room, far away from windows and doors and pretending they aren’t out there.

They’re not here for me anyway.

And I’m too tired. I just can’t deal with the weird right now.

So I’ll just ignore them and work on my update.

Goal #1 – I just posted the neighbor encounter, and I am halfway through two more blog drafts, so I’m coming along well with this one.

Goal #2 – Still ignoring this domain/email link thing. Going to try it again this weekend, after hiring a babysitter. I need to focus, because for some reason I am missing a step in this.

Goal #3 – Social Media – still making an effort at this, but not up to my stated goal. May look into HootSuite and Triberr, they have both been suggested as easy mays to manage multiple social platforms. Maybe that would help.

Goal #4 – Childrens WIP – Zip. Grr.

Goal # 5 – I’ve not been reading as much as I’d like, but I am making a concerted effort to comment when I do. I’m gaining ground on this one and at least developing the comment habit.

For the love of God, they are STILL out there.

Goal #6 – Edits. Nope. But I’ve spent the better part of the last two days in hospital or nursing home dealing with my Grampa’s illness. Cutting myself some slack because of this. When I come home, I just fall into sleep.

Goal #7 – My short-term goal is to finish patching the walls the dog destroyed. Working on it, but some of the holes are deep and require layer after layer of mud. But it’s happening.

Goal #8 – Reading for my challenge – a few pages in the hospital, but I can’t concentrate there. I think I need to re-read the first chapters.

Goal #9 – Nothing to see here until Sunday.

Here’s the Linky.


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