A Veeewy Quiet Check In

Shhh! Nobody move.

The kid is still sleeping and it is blissfully quiet. I’m hoping I can crank out this post and dye my hair before he wakes up and demands that the flurry of our Sunday activity kicks in.

We have lots to do today. I was reminded of this when kiddo woke me up at 5:00 AM, eager to go his friend’s birthday party. I demanded he go back to bed, which he actually did for a change.

Goal #1 –  One, two, three, four! posts up in Rant Rave Write between last Monday and today. I actually exceeded my three post goal.

A couple of them are short random rants – My Valentine’s post, and another, better example of love went up. A third, longer random one also went up detailing  just one more of the absurd situations I keep finding myself in. This time it was a Team Building or: How To Be Violated at the San Diego Zoo. I really must figure out how this stuff keeps happening to me. The fourth is one in which I was put in my place by a four-year-old.

DAMN! There’s the kid. That didn’t last long. I believe that was four minutes of silence. Sometimes I think it’s a shame that tying children up has such a bad rap.


I really don’t care if he runs around like a hooligan. A gag on the other hand…

Ahem. Goal #2 – I got tapped out in this domain/email link thing last week. I’m caving and now admit that this is something I really must concentrate on when it’s quiet. Which may mean that it is deferred until 2015.

Goal #3 – Social Media – not a lot here, I just have no enthusiasm for it. I think I need some suggestions of FB pages/Twitter feeds to subscribe to – maybe if I have a reason for checking in to the sites, I’ll post something, or interact with the posts of others. Any ideas for me?

I need a site that I can feed all of the feeds into – RSS, Google+, FB, Twitter, Networked Blogs each in its own corner of the page.

Goal #4 – Nothing on the Children’s WIPs. I talked to my potential illustrator last week and we ended up spending all the time I had free catching up on our friendship and the book never even came up. Grrrr.

Goal #5 – Doing mostly okay on Blog reads/comments – making the minimum on RoW, not quite on the non-RoWers. Roni Loren had a great post this week on Blog Commenting, and I think a lot of what she had to say is true, and then some. I really want to do better with this.

Goal #6 – Edits – I’ve had no mind for this in the past couple of days – my grandfather’s in the hospital and my mom is having a bad mental health episode so my evening hours after the little goes to bed are dedicated to family check ins and talking my mom down from the proverbial ledge. But it is in my head more now that I really got something accomplished last week.

Goal #7 – My short-term goal was to find a home for all of the displaced furnishings that are stacked up in the dining room after a house purge got out of hand. Had a line on a number of points, but they all fell through. I will not forget about this though, as my husband reminds me about it daily. Freecycle, here I come!

This week’s #7:  Finish patching the spots in the wall where the puppy ate the drywall.

Goal #8Bookmark Break reading challenge: Finished Atlantis Betrayed, getting ready to begin The Scarpetta Factor, and reading The Phantom Tollbooth to my little as his bedtime book.

Goal 9 – Updating my sidebars – the reading challenge one has been updated, but not the writing one. 50%.



3 responses to “A Veeewy Quiet Check In

  1. Now I’m not export… in fact I’m not even using this program. I painfully post individually on each platform.. Twitter, WordPress, and Tumblr. I think for me its a matter of wanting each to be treated with individuality especially since they can at times target or speak to a particular community of readers or you can have a group of people that sign up for all your sites (Twitter, WP, FB) and if you post simultaneously the same thing on all sites it can bombard your followers. That being said… people swear by http://hootsuite.com/ . It seems to work well.

  2. Great goals. I know how it is getting some hard, not getting others, and then not caring about others. You’ll get better. Just keep at it and adjust as necessary. You are making progress which is the most important goal of all! Great job!

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