Hold The Bus!

Pretty late with a check in. I spent half the day in the ER with my little after he took an alarming turn with the Sleestak disease. Thankfully, four hours later, my mind was put at ease by a doctor straight out of a fairy tale. Most specifically, The Princess Bride: 

So not as much done today as I’d hoped, but well, you know – life and all.

Goal # 1 – for the week I got two posts up in Rant Rave Write – the final goat episode and a rant about Askimet. I also finally got my post up passing along the Versatile Blogger award, and that was indeed a list so I’m calling it a slanting success on my list project.

Goal #2 – Domain Investigation. I spent way more than my 30 minute goal on this. Mostly because I found out how to link Google up to rantravewrite.com so I can have the email I want. But. . . I get to the last step and it goes all wonky on me. I can either do an upload of HTML onto WordPress or use code generated by WordPress and enter it onto the Google site. Can’t figure out where to put the HTML or why the code WordPress generated is being called invalid by WordPress. AH! My brain is eating itself.

Goal#3 – Social Media. . .me – a little bit of Twitter/FB work, but not as much as the stated goal. Still playing with and liking Pinterest, but at this point I’m only using it on a personal & family level, the only writing based anything up there is a board for brainstorming – simply photos that appealed to me on any level. Often a jumping off point for setting or story for me.

Goal #4 – Childrens WIPs – nope. Nothing.

Goal #5 – Still not meeting my non-RoW reads/comments, but close.

Goal #6 – Edits – Still working on this – I got two pages edited before last check-in, which was cause for celebration, and I’m still working on the next couple of pages. I do best with this if I read out loud, which is hard, because that always invites conversation from Quinn. Hard to find a time and place that I can pull this off. I may revise this one from so many pages read/edited to time spent.

Goal #7 – Failed on the tax prep one, but my office is nearly ready for the picking paint/building bookshelves period, so that was a success.

This week’s short-term goal: Find a home for all the furniture, TVs (yes, plural, how dumb is that?) and other things I dislodged on a massive downstairs cleaning bender. Preferably before my husband files for divorce over the pile of random crap stacked up in the dining room.

Goal #8 – Finished A Reliable Wife, started Atlantis Betrayed.

Goal #9 – Updated my sidebars last night. Of course this distracted me from actually finishing my check-in post, so not sure how successful that was.


2 responses to “Hold The Bus!

  1. Sorry to here about the little one’s hospital trip, hope all is well now!? Good work on the goals, sounds like the domain stuff is a lot of hassle! think I’ll stick with wordpress.com doing all the hard work for me! haha

  2. Sleestak? Hoping all is well with the little.

    You have quite the list of goals, and seem to be balancing pretty well. I so need to update my sidebars, but I know once I get into it I’ll be redesigning all day!

    Hope you have a great week!

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