Checking In From Sleestak Manor

It is dark here. And it smells bad. The sounds alone are enough to drive a man mad. Worst of all, I fear I am becoming one of them:

The Sleestaks have been keeping the shades drawn, and the smell of old tea and Vicks permeates the house. And the horrible, gut wrenching sounds of mouth breathing and hacking coughs echo in my head, even when I hide in the bathroom trying vainly to shower away their plague germs.

I’ve done load upon load of laundry this week and the smell of Lysol is losing the battle with the tea and Vicks. It is cosmically cruel to have one’s entire family sick at the same time. Even the dog is sick, sneezing her mighty St. Bernard slobber all over the back of my pants.


Yet somehow, I’m pulling this week off. I’m ignoring the little tickle in my own throat and have pulled into superhero mode. They are cared for, day job work is humming along nicely and my goals are walking about on their own legs this week! Yay!

Goal #1      Of the three posts I need to do, I have done 1, but it is part 3 of the 3-part real-life goat episode that I find hysterical and I am so happy I took the time to do that. . .I even got a reblog out of it. And I’m over halfway through the 10 x 10 I started on Sunday, so progressing well here.

Goal #2      Domain investigation – had a bit of time to finally get to this – looks like there is a Google App which will let me run an email through my domain. I bookmarked the page, now I just need to find the time to go back and take a stab at it.

Goal #3      Social Media – much better than normal. I even managed a couple of Rant Rave Write FB page likes that weren’t blood relatives. Yay me!

And I discovered a private tweet from back in January. I, um, didn’t know there were private tweets, so yeah. A scale of ignorance drops away. Again, yay me. Or does that not really qualify as a yay?

Maybe that qualifies on the same level of a normal 8-year-old going to the potty on their own for the first time? For the love of God, why has this taken you so long to figure this out??

Goal #4     Childrens WIPs. Nothing here so far. Again.

Goal #5      Doing better on both the RoW and Non-RoW reads/comments. Not at my mark for the week, but approaching it.

Goal #6     Edits. I DID IT!

Let the parade begin!

I actually opened that 8 pound monstrosity and started going through it. I know it weighs 8 pounds because I happened to spot the scale while I was walking by, and thought I’d take a quick peek at the damage hibernation eating has caused, and nearly had a stroke when I saw that I’d gained 8 pounds since December. When I realized I was still holding the binder, I put it aside, stepped back on and returned to breathing normally.

That spike of terror aside, I went through the first two pages. This may not seem like much, but to me, it is making the peak of Mt. Rainier in preparation for the Everest climb. And I am really fighting with a certain element of this book so I may borrow a method from Shah to see if I can get some feedback from others about it.

Goal #7     Woo Hoo! I cleaned my office. Sort of. I got rid of all the recyclable paper and clutter off the desk and washed the blankets and pillows I keep stacked on the couch. I still have to find a home for the giant stack of toys in the corner. I’m thinking Goodwill has lots of shelves, maybe I’ll put them there.  And then there’s the books. . . Still have to do some tax prep to lock this one in for the week.

Goal #8     Reading – Speeding through A Reliable Wife. Odd tale, that. A refreshing change from what so often feels like form writing.

Goal #9 –   I don’t have to update my status bars yet, but I have done some sidebar housekeeping – added a few sites to my blogroll, and found a few more I have to get up there.

So there it is. Now I’m off to see if showing in Lysol will make me feel clean again. I really don’t want to become a Sleestak. Green is just not my color.

Stay healthy and do the linky hop!


3 responses to “Checking In From Sleestak Manor

  1. Well done you on starting the edits. I know from experience that often the hardest part of anything is just getting started. Also, having cleaned your office you are more than welcome to come round and clean mine! LOL!

  2. I didn’t watch the video but I can STILL sing the “Land of the Lost” theme song, word for word… and know that Will was played by Wesley Eure (though I believe he just used “Westley” in Land of the Lost, perhaps to separate himself from his Mike Horton on “Days of Our Lives” persona. In fact, it is the fault of Land of the Lost that I still occasionally imbibe of the 1 pm ritual even now, thirty six years later. Holy moly I’m ancient!

    Congrats on getting stuff done…especially those edits! I suck at that… and committing yourself so fully to not becoming ONE OF THEM!!


    Word love to you!

  3. Good job on your progress. 🙂 I loved “Land of the Lost” when I was a kid.. and those Sleestacks! (I lisp the “S” so I can sound like Sid the Sloth).

    And way to clean the office… sometimes cleaning the office sparks a fresh brain (it does for me).

    Great post!

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