Speedy Check In

Holy insane week! I had almost no time to myself. Normally, my client load is in the ball park of 20-25 calls each week. I did 38 this week. Including 3 yesterday.

And may I just state for the record: I HATE WORKING ON SATURDAY!

On top of this, my Grandpa’s in the hospital and a coworker of my husband’s quit, so we are trying to wrangle in the new schedule that is resulting from that disaster.

We also had a rare grown-ups night out with friends on Friday. These are rare enough so that I was hard pressed not to wipe the mouth of my husband’s friend when he got a dot of wasabi on his chin. And when we drove by Stephen King’s house, I actually started to explain who he was, in language for a 4 year-old. Ooops.

I think I need to get out more.

Goal #1 – Two posts up in Rant Rave Write – both are 2 parts of a 3-part goat incident that occurred last summer. And I’m halfway through a 10 x 10 list, so I’m okay with this progress.

Goal #2 – Have done zero digging on this domain info search.

Goal #3 – Social Media. A couple of posts here. Not much. Delighting in Pinterest right now, and trying to find the best way to use it as a place to organize my random brainstorming for stories.

Goal #4 – Yay! A bit of progress here. I actually opened the Seuss style book to play a bit with my rhyme scheme.

Goal#5 – Right about the halfway mark, but some of the comments I’ve made are longer than usual for me.

Goal # 6 Edits. Nothing. I cannot seem to overcome my hatred of this. I’m making this my priority this week at the cost of all others, if need be.

Goal #7 – These are my shorties – this week was getting some tax stuff organized and passing the Versatile Blogger award along. I’m close enough to the latter to call it done – I just have to attach my links. I also got some tax organizing done.

This week’s #7 – another 1/2 hour dedicated to organizing the unmentionable parts of my house, and another hour dedicated to tax organizing.

Goal #8 – Challenge reading – A Discovery of Witches, done. I picked up A Reliable Wife started and I also switched gears for my next read with Atlantis Betrayed

Goal #9 – Sidebar updating, done.

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One response to “Speedy Check In

  1. You drove past Stephen King’s current house? So cool. I love writer’s houses AND I am glad you got out with adults for a while. I love my kids more than life ANDDDD I need to remember I have a life beyond them as well.

    (I figure its good modeling!)

    Way to go with your goals, too….the ones with zeroes make sense to me. I am a big detester of editing also. Need to get OVER that!!!

    Good luck this week – look forward to your “What’s next”

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