A Check In of Meh Proportions

Trying to shake off the herd of scapegoats. They’re annoying, eating the shrubbery and trampling the herb garden. I have them corralled for now, but I wish I could find a new home for them. I’d get so much more accomplished.

But since I locked them back in, I am at least back in the race.

Of course, I’m racing at glacier pace, but still. . .Ā  forward is forward, so I’m not going to knock it.

Goal # 1 – Nailing it. Yay! Got a post up in the 10 x 10 – Writers on a Plane – 10 Ways to Amuse Yourself. Not all of it is geared towards travel only, but a plane really is a great place to break through some writing exercises in a unique way. I also got one more post up in Mother of the Year in which my son learns an expensive lesson. Or maybe I did – not quite sure how to process that yet. This means I have 4 days to manage one more post. I can do that.

Sh! Don’t argue.

Goal # 2 – No work yet on ways to have fun with my fancy new domain, but I’m still mulling over all I read. I think I need to make the to self host or not self house decision before I go off half-cocked.

Goal #3 – A few posts on FB and a couple of Tweets – Twitter makes me feel like a moron. What’s this mean, what’s that mean? I am bumbling my way through hashtag hell, but I am trying, so go me. I’m also somewhat intrigued by Pinterest, and think this may be more ‘me’ than Twitter is. I’m shortly off to read Hunter’s well-timed post about just that to learn more. And figure out how to score an invitation.

Goal #4 – Have not even looked at a children’s WIP. Though I will be talking to one of the people I’m considering for the artwork in a few days, so maybe that will spur me on. . .

Goal #5 – Tanking my reading and commenting on blogs. Somehow I managed to find my way into an alternate world consisting of 21 hour days. Damn string theory. If I can just find my way back out I’ll get back to this.

Goal #6 – Edits. Ahem. Moving on. . .

Goal #7 – My weekly short terms. Nothing.Ā  But I still have 4 days. I will again be blaming this alternate univer–OH MY GOD, THE SCAPEGOATS ESCAPED!!!

Goal #8 – Still reading Discovery of Witches for the Bookmark Break challenge and almost done with Alice In Quantumland. Discovery is thick, and Alice is a book on quantum physics theory – no choice by to go slow on those. Going to pick up the pace on my next selections – looking for my next books now. Any suggestions?

Goal #9 – This is a Sunday task, so I’m good here for the moment.

Do the Linky dance.





9 responses to “A Check In of Meh Proportions

  1. Ahh not all that meh really! I’m interested in Pinterest too, would be handy for the 50/50 challenge, I had a look earlier apparently now I’m on a waiting list for an invitation – now that’s meh! :/

  2. Three letter words. “Meh” and “Eep” or even “Erp” are all prevalent this week.

    Twitter is one of those things you really either love or don’t. I enjoy it, and it’s been a great way to connect with other writers. But don’t feel like it is something you must do… yes, you must have a presence on the internet. But that doesn’t have to be twitter.

  3. Hee Hee! Love the Scapegoats reference. I am on Pinterest… but am new, so I have no idea (nor do I think I could) how to invite people. And I actually don’t get the whole “invite” thing and think I may actually be a member of a pretentious website!
    But it is fun.

    Meh. <~ love it. And you say it so well! šŸ˜€

  4. Thanks for the shout out, RRW. I’m still leading my own alpaca along. And enjoyed your Writers on a Plane (except for the plane crashing thing) post. Of course, everytime I hear the term ‘on a Plane’ nowadays I immediately think of that classic movie about Snakes.

    I sent you the Pinterest invite yesterday. Don’t spend too long there, though. Just saying…

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  6. I got a response/invitation back from Pinterest within a day or so, it’s a little intimidating at first, but once you download the add-in for your web browser, you can pin anything you want! They have an app for the iphone (and I’m assuming others), but with that, as far as I know, you’re limited to re-pinning other people’s stuff..

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