Heeeere Little Scape-Scape-Scapegoat!

I would love to blame my absence from Wednesday’s check in on the SOPA protest. But that would be a lie.

I would like to say that the reason I didn’t achieve all of my goals this week was because of the aliens, or the escaped goat, or even a house cleaning bender of psychotic proportions. But that would also be a lie.

Of the three, I think the aliens would be the most viable. The house looks like it was tossed into a Vita-mix, and the goat episode was just funny.

This week, it’s all me, out of whack. Part of it was the post-travel hangover. Part of it was Quinn’s birthday. We also suffered through the tragic loss of the Cutelil’humpty nighttime lovie for a while. But these things are all minor. Small, feeble attempts to avoid responsibility.

Goal #1 – I accomplished 2.4 out of three. I got two posts up in the general Rant Rave Write site, and I got 4 entries through a 10 x 10 post on writing.

Goal # 2 – I did spent a little time on this. Not the stated hour, and I didn’t learn anything useful aside from the idea that trying to work with Google products may make some things friendlier on the email/domain link.

Goal #3 – Aside from having my fear of random tweets dismissed by a number of folks, including Kristin Lamb in a well-timed post, I have done very little with this. I have the random thoughts, but I fear putting them out there. But I knew I’d struggle with this, so even though I haven’t hit my stride I’m not too alarmed by this failure.

Goal #4 – Children’s books – I thought about one of them. . .mostly about how cool it would have been to have one complete enough to take to Quinn’s school for the book time session of his Montessori birthday celebration.

Goal #5 – I even tanked this one, and this is usually one of the easier ones. I do have a small, pygmy scapegoat for this one – for some reason, almost of my followed blogs have disappeared from my WordPress reader. I thought everyone was just really quiet this week until I checked my Google reader last night and found a number of posts the WordPress reader dropped.

Goal #6 – I haven’t even cracked the book I’m supposed to edit. This is my greatest disappointment – I really want to get moving on this project.

Goal #7 – This is my weekly short-term one – this week it was 30 minutes on office clean-up and passing along the Versitile blogger award. Tanked. That lack of followed blogs pygmy goat had an impact on this goal too.

This weeks #7 – Round 2 on the above. Both of these things have to get done. This is ridiculous.

Goal #8 – My reading challenge – just about done with Alice In Quantum Land and making good progress on A Discovery of Witches. Not the pace I need to reach my yearly goal, but not terrible, either.

Goal #9 – Updating my progress bars. I was working in the wee hours of the morning on the blog and had just opened my dashboard to do this when we lost our power. Another little bit of not-entirely-my-fault.

And now – after writing all this out and reviewing just how poorly I did this week, I have the answer.  I don’t have a big, aggressive scapegoat.

But I I have this:

A herd of the fabled pygmy scapegoats attempt to avoid capture by hiding in the scrubby foliage of my brain.

Here’s the bloghop.


9 responses to “Heeeere Little Scape-Scape-Scapegoat!

  1. I love the scapegoats, if only I’d have thought of something so fun to excuse my own dismal failures in my goals this week! lol Ahh well, hopefully we will both achieve more next week! 😀

  2. LOL. We all have weeks like this – I love how open you are and hey, I would love to read your random thoughts on twitter. Today I said I want to go to a cemetery and write. Strange for most but heaven for me. (I’m leaving in 10 minutes and taking a couple friends along, too.) I’m pulling for you (and all the ROWers!) this week. We can do it!

  3. You posted this check in, so that’s HUGE!

    I’m still learning Twitter. It has it’s place, but there’s a lot of spammers out there in the Tweets world. There’s lots of: “Look at me and the ‘blank’ I’m peddling.” It took me time to find Tweet buddies that were actually helpful. My followers may be few, but they’re good people. Sometimes that’s more important than the numbers games.

    December and January seem to be a slow time for bloggers. I think it’s because, in general, writers read blogs. We’re all so busy working on our own WIP in the new year, that it’s hard to check in as often as we’d like to. Just keep posting. Your readers will come back around.

    Take Care and Good Luck with this week’s goals!

  4. Reblogged this on Hunter's Writing and commented:
    There’s an advert for Modern Family on the telly at the moment showing Phil turning up at the family driveway with an alpaca. When he gets one of those looks from his wife, he suggests it was the last one. I would so do that – turn up with the last alpaca, or even a little scapegoat.

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