Checking in at T Minus…Something

I don’t know how long. I’m even having trouble with math in 1/2 hour increments this morning.

What I mean to say is checking in a few hours before boarding a plane. Or something.

Flying freaks me out. And weirdly, it’s not the hurtling through space a zillion miles an hour part. It’s something less tangible. That fear makes sense.

This trip is not off to an auspicious start – Google maps gave me the wrong directions to the airport – apparently they thought I’d prefer a cuuise down the pretty Maine coastline instead of getting inland to the airport.

Then there’s the dress. The one that snaps from neck to knees. It was the only one that fit and looked professional enough to pull off this trip.

Those snaps? Will not be my friend. I am a klutz, and will surely snag a corner of a table as I stand up to introduce myself, causing them to pop open. That would be fine, were I in either a romantic comedy or a porno (odd how either applies here), but not so hot when I am introducing myself to 60 people I’ve never met before, yet deliver my paycheck faithfully.

So there’s that to look forward to.

But goals are truncated this week I suspect –

Goal #1 – 1 for three so far on the blog posts – one up in Rant Rave Write

Goal #2 – Zip

Goal # 3 – Meh – 2 or 3 posts, maybe?

Goal # 4 – Nope

Goal #5 – I’ve checked in a few blogs and commented. All ROWers though. I can’t get it out of my head that no one else wants to hear my comments from the peanut gallery.

Goal # 6 – Zero

Goal # 7 – I’m half packed, which is better than not starting at all, but the short term goal this week is at ‘meh’ right now.


Here’s the bloghop.


5 responses to “Checking in at T Minus…Something

  1. Enjoy your trip, I’m sure you will knock ’em dead (not literally though! lol) Once it’s over you will get back in the swing of it with your goals. And ‘yes’ other people would love your comments! 😀

  2. We want to hear your comments, we WANT to hear your comments!!

    I bet your dress is lovely and I am all for not giving it another thought (though I am not sure if you will be able to read this before you reach your destination.

    I look forward to your next check in…. congrats for keeping it up!

  3. Flying always seems to bring out strong feelings in us. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time once you “get there”. And I understand your feelings about commenting on other blogs. But yea, Sharon is right. Other bloggers are people just like us, who like the extra smile some days, or the little “hey, someone liked this” note… (now as I say the words, I had best go act on my own “wisdom”). 😉

  4. On the upside, if it does snap open, you’d certainly make an impression. And maybe they’ll feel they’ve got their money’s worth. XD

    Out of curiosity, what is the trip in aid of?

    Hope you have a fabulous journey and you actually end up getting back really glad you went.

    And we do want to hear from you!


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