Caffeinated Check-In


What? Oh, it’s time for my check in? I hadn’t noticed. You see, I got a new coffee maker and have been shut away in the closet with it like a pair of sixth graders playing 10 Minutes in Heaven. I’ve been cuddling and stroking the pretty red machine, saying nice things to it to make it love me.

I need my coffee maker to love me. I need it to give me coffee.

Given that this is the first morning I’ve had a cup of coffee since last check in, I’m surprised I got anything done. Cause that instant stuff doesn’t cut it. And there’s that weird head on it that makes it look life I’ve poured myself a morning Guinness. What is that?

Anyway –


Goal # 1 – Done with one to spare – 2 Rant RaveΒ  Write random rants on Passive Aggressive me and Targeted Marketing, plus 2 10 x 10 posts. One trip down memory lane, the other the musical soundtrack to my brain. That one was a trip.

Goal #2 – I hit this marker on Wednesday, but have spent more time since then learning nothing aside from the fact that self-hosting the domain may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Goal #3 – I’m already sliding on this one. This whole thing is just alien to me. And if I count the auto post of the Rant Rave Write posts automatically to the FB page, then forwarded to Twitter as a complete and utter cop-out, I may not have done anything here since Wednesday. I am reading Tweets and trying to find people I want to follow, but the posting is tricky for me. 140 characters. Just enough for a random thought.Β  Random thoughts from me. Yikes.

Should I get the tree tattooed? Would bashing a frozen pumpkin feel like bashing a human head? Why isn’t history taught from the present backwards? Why was the plumed hat invented?

See? We don’t really me to Tweet like that, do we?

Goal #4 – Still tanking the kiddo works. Didn’t even open one. Come on, how hard is this? I have given myself permission to count opening the document as a success and I didn’t even pull that off?

Goal #5 – This one I did at the halfway marker. Hit the read/comment on the ROW participants, but I really need to read/respond to more non-ROW blogs. I have a limited reach here and need to do better.

Goal #6 – Read a few pages of the book I need to edit, installed Scrivener and spent three hours without tech support and one hour with tech support to make my remote access work from the laptop to the desktop with Scrivener. No actual editing, but a lot of time spent trying to make it work easily for me, so I’m totally counting this as a success.

Goal #7 – This is my weekly short-term goal. 50% here. The holiday hoopla is packed away, both from here and the stuff I take out to the nursing home for my Mom. Yay! We have a living room again. My office? Still looks like a fallout zone.

My new number #7 for this week is going to bump that one, I’m off to California on Thursday and know better than to think I’m going to be organizing anything this week. So this is going to be 3 mini-goals.

1. I must pack and have everything ready to go by Wednesday so I don’t melt down into a hot mess the night before I go. OH MY GOD I NEED A BOOK! I CAN’T FLY FOR 8 HOURS WITHOUT A BOOK! AHHHH!

2. Bite my tongue for 16 hours of fly time. At no time will I be allowed to utter the phrase from The Twilight Zone, “There’s something on the wing!” (Damn you John Lithgow) Texting this to people not on the plane will not count against me.

There's. . . something. . . on the wing!

3. On Sunday when I get home, no matter how tired I am, I have to stack up the client work I’ll be doing on Monday so I do not begin the week behind the 8 ball.

I also won the Versatile Blogger award this week (Thanks Sharon!) so I need to pass that along, but given my week, any progress at all there will be counted as a bonus – I probably can’t get to that until next week.

I’m going now. More coffee, you know.



8 responses to “Caffeinated Check-In

  1. Yay Coffee – you’ll be racing soon then! lol
    And yes to the random thoughts tweets! Those sort are the best and most interesting – everyone (including me) just links, links, links – I’m vowing to have more conversations!! but random thoughts can prompt conversation so go for it πŸ˜€
    Good luck with the goals – time away can cause hold-ups, but that’s why ROW80 is so great, I think we all keep forgetting the bit about how it ‘recognises you have a life’ !! ;P

  2. …I say “There’s something on the wing!” even when I’m traveling by train, so….yeah.

    Also, it must not have been a good week for coffee makers, because mine shut down last week, too. I went out and bought a new one that same day, because, yeah. I count that as an emergency. I bought a wee little mini one since I’m the only one who drinks it anyway, and it’s so cute…

    Anyway….You have so many awesome goals, and you’re doing great on them. I know when you’ve got a lot, there tends to be a lot of give and take, where one or two wind up being phenomenal and the others are just sort of meh, but the way I see it, you’re still getting things done all around. So way to go! Keep it up and safe travels!

  3. Instant coffee? Barbaric. So glad you made it back to civilization, poor dear.

    I say this often (especially of late), any progress is success, so, much of your week is a success. And the admonition: Just be sure that the progress isn’t self-delusion. We all do it. My first round of ROW I had 750words(dot)com as a daily goal. Sometimes I just typed the words “am I done yet” until I was. Not sure that was actual progress although I can type the above phrase very fast now. Partial success?

    I think your random tweets would be cool. There is another blogger I know that used to do that, she is a fantastic writer and it was those very “odd” tweets that drew me to read her blog. If it matches what you do then test it out.

    Have a lovely vacation and a great week πŸ™‚

  4. This is the funniest damn check-in I’ve read all day. I want to meet your red machine…I KNOW that we would like each other! And I’m with Gene. Instant?? Are you mad??!!!

    Congrats on your week! Keep ROCKIN’ THE ROW. πŸ™‚

  5. I just have to add my $.02 here and say:
    YES we want to see tweets like those. Those are exactly the sorts of things that attracted me to both Facebook (random posts of that sort from a guy in Australia posting on a friend’s wall) and Twitter (he moved most of his activity to Twitter).

    I love coming here, Fallon. Your style just makes me smile.

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