You’ll Judge Me at “Easy Cheeze”

Today I literally started out by taking my 3-year-old son to school wearing my shoes on the wrong feet. My son dressed himself, and his were on correctly. My coffee maker (aka holy grail) broke and I just ate this for lunch:

Go ahead and judge me for it. I’m ok with that.

Because despite the inauspicious start to my day, this has been a good week so far – especially on the goals front.

Goal # 1 – Got both Rant Rave Write posts up – one in which I have an epiphany on the unholy nature of being Passive Aggressive, and another about target marketing – All Market Indicators Point To Me Being Insane. That one even netted me a couple of new subscribers! So all that’s left is one 10 X 10 between now and Sunday. Piece of cake.

AH! WHY did I say that? I know better than that. Having said it, now I will surely suffer some weird head injury that renders me incapable of counting or something.

Goal #2 – Spent more than the goal target on the figuring out what to do with my pretty new domain thing. Yet all I know is that I know nothing. Progress?

Goal #3 – Social Networking. Facebooking to a party of 3 under the Page name Rant Rave Write, Tweeting like a lobotomized bird under the same. Haven’t hit the once a day target, but at least I know what the damn # does. (Thanks, Janet Parfitt)

Goal #4 – Nope. Haven’t cracked a one of the childrens WIPs

Goal #5 – Over halfway there on the commenting for ROWers, less than halfway on the non-ROW folks. Still pretty good for my weekly target.

Goal #6 – Started reading, may detour to give Scrivener a test-run before I knock out the edits on the paranormal.

Goal # 7 – Those white lights are still on the Christmas tree, but tonight’s the night for reeling in the holiday havoc. My office still looks like Romper Room blew up, though.

Check in done. Now I am off to tickle my local (the one and only local, I might add) store owner by asking her if she will brew me a pot of coffee and send it home with my husband in a gallon jog, so I can have some coffee in the morning.

Rural living sucks when you need a new coffee pot.

I have over an hour to drive to get a new one.

From Wal-Mart.

A store which has the capacity to turn me into a raging psychopath on a good day.

And, well, you know – I didn’t have any coffee today.

Mustn’t forget the Linky


8 responses to “You’ll Judge Me at “Easy Cheeze”

  1. lmao, great check-in. I wish I had the capacity for humour that you have, my posts and check-in’s are all was so devoid of that, but whatever you write about I always find something within that makes me crack a smile – and boy do I need that on a regular basis (I so wish I could implement the wonderful tips from the depression blog I shared! I’m always so down in the dumps it’s disgusting! :/ )

  2. haha.. love this post. I don’t have to drive an hour to get to Wal-Mart.. but I can relate to the fuzzy psychopath feelings when I set foot in one.

    You need a stash of instant – for when you’re really really hard up.


  3. Oh no! No coffee? And yet you managed to be funny and make sense and all sorts of good things! And you’ve made progress on your goals–double bonus! πŸ™‚

    I hope you can get some coffee for morning. Good luck!

  4. Great check in. I think I ate cold pizza (bbq flavor) for breakfast, so you won’t hear judgment from me! Walmart makes me crazy too. Why do I go back? It’s just so darn cheap! Love the shoe thing. Sometimes I deliberately go to drop-off in my pajamas so I can give a different perspective to the moms who put on make-up and heels in order to take their kids to school. Life’s too short, you know?!

    Good luck, it seems like you are off to an auspicious start!

  5. Lynette, you are just a wonder! If I didn’t have my tea, I’d never have made it to this point, yet without caffeine you’ve posted and made it glow. And then you even reached some goals.

    I know it’s not the best solution, but you could try cold brewing your coffee. Or as my mom did in a pinch, used a coffee filter in a metal strainer…. ( my dad is a three pot a day addict, so I do understand, if only as an observer).

    Best of luck to you.

  6. haha, very good! πŸ™‚ I use scrivener and I like it very much…. there are lots of cool tools and fun ways of writing your stuff.. they have all sorts of helpful start pages.. even one for writing comics… if your into that sorta thing:) Can’t wait to check out your ROW80 goals more! Funny funny lady!

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