New Year, New ROW80, Same Old Me

New ROW. Yay! New goals, new friends, new everything. Except I’m the same old dingbat. Hence my Linky link stating my intent to join up again – Rant Rave Write, Back Like Slim Shady.


A few minutes after I did that, it occurred to me: that was stupid. I’m a late-30-something white chick from rural Maine. Pretty sure there’s not a whole lot of Slim in me.

Although being able to whip out lines like “Skibbedy-be-bop a-Christopher Reeves/Sonny Bono, skis, horses and hittin some trees” is an awesomely fun thing to do to unsuspecting high school students.

So. Clearly the random rant-like nature of my writing hasn’t evolved at all. You will be subject once again to both goals and updates, but also what appears to be an unrestrained line on my internal monologue. Luckyyyyyyyyyyy!

So my goals, since that is the general purpose of this post.

Still working on my 10 x 10 project, but also trying to boost traffic overall to my blog, so a lot of these are geared toward that.

Goal # 1 will be a double up from last time –  one 10 x 10 post each week AND one Rant Rave Write post in any category in between each check in for a total of 3 posts each week.

Goal # 2  Because it seemed like a fine idea at the time, I bought the domain rights to Now I have no idea what to do with it, so the goal is to find things to do with my magical new domain –  I have to spend 1 hour each week dinking around trying to hook up the domain based email and other stuff.

Goal #3 – I’m a bit of an introvert, so social media gets a big “meh” from me and the concept of self promotion feels s little dirty. But it’s time to put on my big girl panties and put myself out there – a minimum of 80 FB posts or Tweets  through the round. That only averages one a day, but first I must figure out how to use Twitter. That hashtag thingy is a mystery to me.

Goal #4 – Do something with one of my children’s WIPs each week. I tanked this one last time, so this round I’m shifting gears. No specifics, just do something. Even if that something is opening one, staring at it a while, swearing a bit, then closing it. That will count. I didn’t even open those most times last round.

Goal #5 – This one is inspired by Ryan and some of the others from last round – Commenting! Those comments really helped me through some rough patches and made me think I might actually be decent at this whole writing thing. So it’s time to share the love. I must read and comment on a minimum of 10 Linky posts each check in, and a minimum of 10 non-ROW check in posts each week.

Goal #6 – Edits. I have to get through at least 20 pages of edits each week. This is where I will need the most help. I have a four inch binder full of a paper copy of a WIP that is book one of what could theoretically be a never ending series. I have one complete D1 in the binder, and two other partials electronically. First step is to re-read it its entirety, so it begins with reading at least 10 pages a day,  then start the 20 page weekly edits. I’m sure I’ll be done reading ahead of time, but those edits will try and take me down.

Goal #7 – Pick 1 new, short term goal each week. I have to name this goal on the Sunday checkin and have it complete or well under way to becoming a habit  by the following Sunday. This week’s goal is to remove all the holiday trimmings from the house and clean up the catastrophe that is my new office after a quick move from one office space to another. It currently looks like someone bombed Romper Room.

Game on.


7 responses to “New Year, New ROW80, Same Old Me

  1. I’m with you on goal #3. I’m a severe introvert so any social interaction is difficult for me, even with a computer screen between us. It’s something I need to work on, so I’m putting in the effort this round. Good luck with all your goals.

  2. I also hate marketing myself and never feel up to it, either mentally or in the sense of not feeling worthy of marketing. Maybe we should get together and share tips?
    Have figured out the hashtag thing on Twitter. At the end of your post, you put a word like ‘writing’ for example with a hashtag in front of it (no spaces!) and then if people are looking for stuff on writing they can put ‘#writing’ and it will search for all posts with that in including yours. Hope that helps.

  3. Great goals, I’m sure you will do fine – your rants are some of the funniest things I read each week, and the 10×10 are great! 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Um, isn’t Slim Shady himself in his late thirties? There must be at least some Slim in there or you wouldn’t have thought to write that in first place. 😉 Your goals look great. I especially like number seven. I might incorporate something like that myself. Good luck!

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