Time Machine Check In

Holy Cow! I just made an amazing discovery. Participating in ROW is an exercise in time travel! First, it was Sunday now BOOM, Wednesday, just like that.

Thankfully, I make progress as I hurtle through the ether. Sometimes. This week, not so much.

Gaining ground on my writing goals, and got another 10 x 10 up – SEO or 10 Times I’ve Asked, ‘Where Are You People Coming From?’  This was my topic because in addition to this whole time travel thing, I also discovered that when people find Rant Rave Write from a search engine, those search terms? Are weird. Clearly I do not have a handle on this SEO thing. Perhaps a good goal to consider for next round.

No piano time, but that’s simply because the packages for Quinn are starting to trickle in from the out-of-state relatives and the piano room sort of resembles a UPS distribution center. That one might be on pause until after Christmas.

This is, I think, the first time I have tanked my reading/responding goals for other blogs. I did finally get around to reading Elizabeth Anne Mitchell’s profanity posts, but that may have been all. They were great by the way, and worth the read if you don’t get freaked out by naughty words and have a few minutes!

So ‘meh’ on the goal production, but this time travel discovery is awesome. I just need to figure out how to take it the other way. . .

Linky here.


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