Progress Under the Santa Whip

Santa is whipping my butt. This whole world of December-with-a-kid thing is busy. Mostly in a good way, but I’m pretty sure yesterday was Wednesday, yet here we are at Sunday’s check in.

The approaching holiday prompted one post in The Fulcrum category of The Mother of the Year blogs series. I’ve discovered a pattern in that categoric breakdown – post in The Mother and The Daughter category tend to be anecdotal, and often funny. Posts in The Fulcrum are more mental purging. Not that that matters here, right now, but it does help me work through some formatting elements that will help me later.

Yet somehow, despite al the time bending craziness,  I’m still hitting most of my goals. The one that has made me happiest is getting a query out the door for One Good Wish. I have been procrastinating on that one for 2/3s of this round. I really, really hate the title of that work, but for the life of me, when I try to come up with something better, I swear my brain skitters off into a corner to play minesweeper. I’m thinking about posting the work in its entirety somewhere and asking for feedback. But that means putting it out there, which is scary. I’m such a coward.

Done some piano work with Quinn, too. I even managed to get some of that in yesterday when we raced down to the coast for a North Pole train ride at the historic train museum. The only building with plumbing was the old Town Hall. One potty and a train full of littles who’d been served cocoa meant the wait was long. We took advantage of that by playing on the old piano in the hall while we waited – piano time and a distraction from whining. Score!

On Friday we put up our tree. Though the urge was great, I refrained from maiming my husband during this exercise, though it did prompt me to churn out this post the following morning: Deck The Halls, Not Your Husband. So in a round about way, even that helped me reach one of my goals. No 10 x 10 this week, so the writing goals aren’t hit at 100%, but still pretty good.

In my reading/commenting goal I did really well. Did a TON of reading and a fair amount of commenting. I tried commenting on a few Blogger posts, and when I got to the captcha point it booted me. And since there is no Like  button, I couldn’t communicate at all. Grrr. I always wrestle with Blogger comments, but usually I get them in after a lot of yes-this-really-is-a-human clicks. I wish they all had the wordpress like option.

So progress, progress, progress. And I’m already thinking about goals for the next round – this whole accountability thing seems to work for me, and the feedback is great. So to al of you that have read, liked and commented – Thanks!

Gotta go – the dog’s eating the Christmas tree!

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15 responses to “Progress Under the Santa Whip

  1. I don’t let my husband near the Christmas tree, except to check it for spiders when he pulls it out of the shed! I do all the decorating and I prefer it that way. Well done on all the progress you’re making.

  2. Great work as always, I did miss the 10×10 this week but the deck the halls not your husband made up for it! lol Hope you’ve had a good weekend 🙂

  3. My hubby puts the lights on the tree, I do the rest. It’s worked for us for the last 20 years.

    Great going on meeting your goals and staying on track, especially during the Christmas season. I’m interested to see how we’re all going to be come Jan 2, 2012 – the doomsday year. :o)

  4. Congrats on getting as much done as you did this week! It’s extra hard to keep going on the writing when there are so many extra things to do for the holidays. I’ve found that I’ve had to just let certain things go – and it turns out that no one minds! My Christmas tree is still not up. Hopefully it will be in the next few days! Good luck on meeting your goals this week!

  5. HOpe you grow to like the white lights – I never have white anything if I can help it, know how you feel but with everything else up in tree dies it maybe look okay?:)

    all the best for coming week

  6. My husband puts the lights on the tree. The kids and I leave while he’s doing this, and then we run a ginormous fan on high speed to blow the cloud of profanity from over our house before the neighbors see it…

    Nice progress this week and I hope the dog doesn’t eat too much of the tree. LOL

    • Good Lord, I could never do that! If I left my husband alone with lights and the tree we’d come home to a the tree, sans branches, lying in the corner and my husband dangling upside down from a wad of lights wrapped over the ceiling fan, the dog barking in crazy circles underneath! I’m not sure how that would happen, but I’m sure it would.

  7. Wow, impressive progress “under the Santa whip” (love this!). My brain too often plays minesweeper, too. Once I blow something up, I become obsessed with winning. I literally flinch.

    December is a crazy month. I don’t think I’ve gotten around to people’s updates on time yet. But I’m getting there. Good luck with the rest of 2012!

  8. I had to laugh at you closing statement….my dog (German Shepherd named Zutchka) will be one year old in mid January. He is eating my ornaments this year!! Ack! He’s eaten two homeade angels, a tiny wooden wreath ornament, and a plastic Snoopy. He’s also chewed a few bows, eaten two candy canes, and knocked numerous bulbs from the tree while he buries his nose in the tree – sniffing like crazy! Ha.

    Hope you’re having a better time than me of it…but had to laugh. Happy Christmas!

    • That’s hysterical. That typo drives ALWAYS me batty! I just posted a little block online this week defining your, you’re, we’re were and where and two, to and too. And I break the cardinal rule of writing. I don’t proofread my updates….just cram them out and let them go. Shameful, really!!

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