Last November Check In

Last November check in. Ah!

The blog posts are going well…two up in my Mother of the Year world – one on Naughty Words, and one in which I earned my Mommy badge by arguing with a Ping Pong table and the laws of Geometry. I also earned the tongue biting award there. Which, had I earned that one before, might have prevented the naughty word one from ever happening. I’m also halfway through another 10 x 10 for gift giving. Lots of photos to look for on that one, but the text is nearly done.

And I’m now framing out the Mother of the Year WIP using the blog, so I’m killing two birds with that stone.

Piano. Hmm. Moving on.

Kid’s WIPs – no progress, but not for lack of trying. For some reason, opening one of those documents is like some kind of remote control for Quinn.

Open document, scroll to end = Quinn feeding the dog an entire pie.

Open document, scroll to end = Quinn coming in with a giant mouthful of the salty Christmas ornament dough. Um, ew!

Open document, scroll to end = Quinn trying to feed the fish some cheese.

Open document, scroll to end = Hubby’s impromptu plumbing project (what?). I know better than to let Quinn wander around that catastrophe unsupervised.

Open document, scroll to end = Fire! Just kidding. But it seems like there’s been a lot of jumping up and running going on.

Doing a ton of blog reading, not commenting as much as I’d like, but hitting the stated goal of 3 comments. What a wimpy goal. Next round I shall change it.

So there it is, my update. Scintillating, huh?

Don’t forget the Linky.


8 responses to “Last November Check In

  1. I truly believe sometimes that WIP documents really are calls to smaller creatures to start distracting you. It’s the exact same with me, only it’s with cats and a dog rather than a child, but it still seems that, if I’m working on my writing, the dog’s bladder shrinks exponentially compared to how much work I need to do!

    Keep it up, though! Eventually, they’ve got to run out of things to bother us about, right?

    • They run out of things to bother us about? Oh, I hope so! I’m going to hold onto that, and think about it when the St. Bernard’s bladder shrinks down to that of of a mini when I sit down. The dog’s not quite as culpable as the kiddo, but it’s a close second!

  2. Congrats on being the Blogger of the Month! hehe. I’m beginning to think you should play some sinister music after opening your doc. Because scrolling down is dangerous!

    • Thanks! I hadn’t gotten that far on the check,ins, so your congrats was my notification. You got to be Billy Crystal. Aren’t you excited? And yes, it’s the scroll down. If I just look at the title, not a peep can be heard.

  3. I’m with L.S. There is some subsonic tone that goes out when the document is opened. Since all the kids are at least five hours drive away, it is the Standard Poodle trying to climb on the laptop keyboard, or the Weimaraner who has the incredible shrinking bladder.

    Also, congrats on being the Blogger of the Month! I am so that bad mom, too–scary sometimes!

    Have a great rest of the week šŸ™‚

    • Oooh – pets on the keyboard. I had a delusional moment when I thought having an office cat was a good idea. Not so much, as his favorite place was the keyboard. But once he got accustomed to joining me, he sits outside my door and yowls if I close him out.

  4. Well done my Blogger of the Month. I love your 10×10’s and the mom posts crack me up! keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the next 10×10! šŸ™‚ xx

    • Thanks! My mom posts make me wonder if I have one of the 3 Stooges in my bloodline somewhere. Now I get to spend time going through my blog follows to see who to award in December…a couple of folks spring to mind.

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