Pantsing, Plotting, Procrastination and Post-Punch Pain

I love alliteration. it just makes me happy. And it just so happened that my last few days were full of Ps. Not only the ones in the title but Party Prep, Pickle Production and Panic also made an appearance.

Panic was thankfully short-lived. It rose up when I didn’t get my paycheck in the mail. Twice before my check has been cross-wired by the Post Office and ended up in weird places – Canada, Oklahoma – and both times it took more than a week to get it in hand. Just before a holiday and my birthday, the idea of having no money freaked me out. Thankfully, it was the post the next day. Phew.

Pickle production is part of the party prep, along with pie making. Our Thanksgiving celebration is big – there will be at least 35 of us descending on my grandfather’s farm tomorrow.

But the title Ps are all about the goals.

Productivity wasn’t a problem this week, which is a relief given last weeks National Lampoon adventures. Did a bit of reformatting on the kiddo works. Got a list posted in the 10 x 10 – this one is another musical list – 10 Post-Punch Songs I decided on that one after I dug out a bunch of those to cope with last week’s circus. If nothing else, the ROW has really kicked me into gear with that project, which is awesome. I put that off for a year after devising the plan.

Got another post up on writing too – Procrastination and the Time Thief.  I made the startling discovery that procrastination and pantsing is actually working better for my productivity. Given that I’ve been trying really hard to turn myself into a plotter, this was a relief. Except now I have to figure out how to turn this revelation into a tool.

Did mid-level ok on my goal of reading/commenting – not as much as I’d truly like, but I met my 3 comment minimum, so it’s a score.

Piano lessons – stalled out. The dog ate the 1st level book. But even without it, we put in time, so that’s a halfway met goal.

So all in all, not at 100% but doing pretty well.

If I can just figure out how to transform this pantsing procrastination trait into a reliable methodology, I’ll be rocking it out. I do suspect however that “pantsing procrastination” and “reliable methodology” might be mutually exclusive environments.

I’ll have to think about that.




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5 responses to “Pantsing, Plotting, Procrastination and Post-Punch Pain

  1. I think, more often than not, I’m a pantser procrastinator, too, but I do have my moments….I’ll probably forever flip-flop between the two methodologies.

    It sounds like you’ve been making great progress…another P!…amidst all the other things going on. Great job! You’ve also made me very hungry for pickles…

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  2. I’m a fan of alliteration as well. The last line of my Confessions of a Horrible Housekeeper post for today reads, “Dark, dreary days make it difficult to discern the dirt.”

    Anyhoo, sounds like you’re doing well. Keep up the good work, and if you figure out how to make the pantsing procrastinator thing work for you, let me know. It sounds like my kind of methodology.

    Have a good one.

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