This keyboard is loud.

I don’t want to be checking in right now. Don’t want to be doing much of anything except lying in a dark room with earmuffs on. Migraine. Hate.

Got a 10X10 up, but it’s another cop-out – it’s a musical list, so it barely counts. But I also got a new post up under Mother of the Year – it’s my Scorecard. It’s either shamefully hysterical, or hysterically shameful. Not sure which. Either way, it’s done and the spot on the shelf where my tiara should sit is once again empty.

The piano lesson goal is coming along great. I am re-learning the piano and Quinn is getting familiar with finger movements and the concept of reading music. Got in all but one since my last update. We missed last night. But we missed that one on account of him turning into a psychopath.

My reading/commenting on ROW checkins is doing fine, always meeting or exceeding my goal of three. Got a new project for the next couple of days – reading and commenting on a ROWer’s D1, so we’ll see how well I do with that one this week.

No work on the children’s books and no submissions. But those are often Saturday evening projects, and this eating of my brain began last night. So I get a pass.

Off now to curl up in a fetal position and rock back and forth with an ice pack on my head.



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