I’m early? There is no way I’m early. But I’m early.

So it’s Saturday and I’m writing my Sunday Check-In. Not quite sure how this came to be. I have been totally out to lunch. Check in last Sunday barely counted. Especially since, you know I forgot to publish it. That right there’s like singing in outer space.

Skipped Wednesday because I was unexpectedly rushing around post kid drop off to procure a weeks worth of snacks for 25 of Quinn’s classmates, two days of which had elapsed before I knew it was our snack week.

Dammit. That makes me that Mom again. And I’d just earned some cred against the purple hair by designing their fundraising flyer.

This week has been insane – the world has tried me in as many ways as it could devise, yet here I am. Early.

My goals are actually coming along nicely, despite my apparent pissing off of the Fates.

Except those WIPs for kids. On stall. I was so excited to get hits on illustrators that I now refuse to send them anything until I have time to really focus on them before turning them over.

The piano time is coming along well, Quinn is loving it, and although I haven’t hit every single day with it, I’ve come close enough.

I got my 10 X 10 in for the week, another cheat with another musical list – this time 10 Angry Songs. But I more than made up for that low word count with a Mother of the Year post – nearly 3500 word in that one post and it was only covering 6 out of 13 utterly absurd hours – it was like National Lampoon’s Goes to the Medical Clinic.

And last week’s confessional Mother’s Scorecard post is still trickling in new hits and  – I almost didn’t even post that one, cause it makes me look really, really wrong. Plus, I think the redesign is encouraging people to stay a bit longer and click a few link offs, which is surprising and makes me glad I stuck with that goal, as it was one of the ones I dreaded most.

Didn’t do so well reading or commenting this week, I was barely home to do it, and when I was I was reading a D1 for someone and tried to focus on that when I had a free moment. Going to try to ramp that one up this week.

I think for the last stretch, I need to revamp the goals – combine the kids’ WIPs and branch out. I clearly need to work on my tagging angle – the obvious ones never seem to get any hits, but the odd ones seem to strike well…there has to be an angle to this. Or maybe that will be some research homework for next round.



4 responses to “I’m early? There is no way I’m early. But I’m early.

  1. Well done on the early check-in! I often write mine on the Saturday but schedule to publish Sunday morning, lol.

    I loved the 10X10 songs post!

    Looks like you’ve done a great job on the goals, despite the crazy busy week, I’m looking forward to the rest of your feedback on my D1, the first half was a great help! Thank you so much! 😀

  2. I hope the revamping of goals leads to fresh ideas for you.

    Don’t worry about the crazy week – we all have them, even the mums who want you to think they’re perfect. Come to think of it, if my weeks weren’t a bit mental, I’d start to worry. *Grins*

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