Holy Motivation, Batman!

Well, my stay in Procrastination Station clearly had some benefits. I wallowed there for a bit, then stood up, shook off the cobwebs and bolted out of the station, cranking out goals as I went.

Not only did I get a new 10 X 10 post up for Thanksgiving, but I got another one up as well on the 10 Things You Should Never Say. So that one is working out great.

I also think I’ve settled on a new layout for the Rant Rave Write site overall…I kind of like it at the moment. And I pulled out some old, disabled pages and turned them into posts, one of which has gotten great feedback – The Demon Barber and the High Chair. Ever see Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street? Ahem.

The Blogroll is still in progress, but it’s moving, so I’m pretty happy with the site.

Still no work on the pen-to-paper outline for the Mother of the Year WIP, but I’ve done some head-space work, and that always comes first anyway.

I dug out my sister-in-law’s old piano books to entice Quinn into sitting down with me and banging away at the piano – he now knows high versus low notes and where Middle C is. Haven’t done work every day, but often enough toe be happy with it.

The illustrations for the kiddo WIPs shall not be discussed. I am riding the momentum of the train right now and if I focus on the fact that I left that bag at Procrastination Station, I might go back for it.

No! No, Lynnete. Leave it! Don’t let it pull you back there. Pick it up again the next time the train passes by. It’s a regular stop, after all.

And for those of you who commented on the German vacuum repair lady at Procrastination Station – you will no doubt be pleased to know that when I walked in she was wearing an old-fashioned jeweler’s loupe. She looked like a character out of a steam punk novel. I think I love her, just a little bit.

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3 responses to “Holy Motivation, Batman!

  1. Sometimes, just sometimes, procrastination is just a chance for your creative muse to fill the well. Other times . . . well, it’s just procrastination. The trick is knowing which is which!

    Sounds like you’ve done some solid goaling this week–keep it up!

  2. Glad your train has left that station for a bit. Sounds like you’re moving forward again, and that’s always great!

    The German vacuum repair lady with a jeweler’s loupe gave me a really fun and happy image. Thanks for that!

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