Procrastination Station

Yikes! It’s Sunday. It’s Sunday??? How did that happen? Last I checked, it was Thursday morning and things were rolling along nicely.  Then the train stopped because life crossed the tracks and we pulled in to Procrastination Station to regroup.

What a bizarre couple of days – ran out of heating fuel, 6 hours later we ran out of cooking propane, the puppy ate the couch, one of our cats got stuck in the chimney, my washing machine randomly decided to stop mid way through the rinse cycle,my husband’s car laid down and died, then my husband retaliated by killing the vacuum (I keep telling him it is not a shop vac!). Plus, the planning of  the 30 guest family Thanksgiving dinner landed in my lap.

To top all of this off, I have been summoned to California in early January. That may sound like a treat – a couple of expense free days in sunny Cali for a girl who will be waist deep in Winter snows by then. But flying scares the holy bejumpers out of me and this will be the first time, ever, that I have to fly alone.

To make me feel better, my husband rented a chick flick to get my mind off flying. Bridesmaids. Ever see it? Well, here’s all you need to know:

And inevitably, I will get a window seat. It just happens, and there is never room for me to swap. So I sit there, staring out the window and thinking this:

I always go to Lithgow doing this.  It’s the same sort if internal movie Tourette’s that compels me to say (out loud), “They’re coming to get you, Bar-ba-ra,” every time I drive by the old Blinn Hill cemetary.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah. Goals. And my spectacular display of procrastination. ‘Cause despite all this, I could have written. But I didn’t.

I did get some work done on the restructuring of the RantRaveWrite site…trying to categorize my Blog Roll – and a thanks to those of you who gave me FB feedback to help me with this. I’ll be stopping by your sites to check out your ideas. You know, as soon as the train leaves the station. I didn’t get a 10 X 10 up though. I think the next one will be 10 Ways to Prevent a Stress Induced Psychotic Break. Too long? Yeah, too long. I’ll work on that.

Goal number 2 should to broadened – how to be a plotter versus a pantser in life as well as in writing. Because if I were a plotter, I probably would have checked both the fuel and the propane at some point, thus preventing at least a couple of my derailments. Might have been able to save the car, too. But I doubt that. Didn’t actually do any plotting for the WIP, but I did get an important lesson in the distinction between plotting and pantsing.

#3 – Quinn and the piano. 1-3. Ahem. Moving on.

I did well on number 4…reading a ton of ROW blogs. Still not where I’d like to be on commenting, but still, I’ve developed a good consistency here.

Number 5 did at least get some attention. One of the illustrators I have a line on has been published a number of times and will be doing some samples for free for me at the request of a mutual friend, but she’s quite particular on what she wants, so I’m streamlining and cutting, trying to find the passages I want those illustrations for the most. Nothing technically went out the door, but since it’s progress, I am totally counting it.

Number 6 – two lines. I wrote two lines.

So. I spent 5 hours at a car dealership yesterday with a 3 year-old, and my husband’s car problem is solved by a pretty, new to us Ford Explorer. I’m a bit crazier for it, but it is done.  I also spent a strange few minutes on the phone with a German lady who told me in a very thick accent that I must show the vacuum love to keep it healthy. What??? At any rate, the vac will be dropped off at her shop on Monday morning for repair. Heating oil has been delivered, I bought  a counter top convection oven to get us through the next week until the propane people come back into town and a very pissed off cat has spent the better part of two days covered in soot and  glaring at us from the windowsill. I also discovered that if we place a 10 lb medicine ball in a very specific spot on the washer, it will begrudgingly go through all of it’s cycles. The couch, well, we shall never speak of that again. Maybe my husband can see the TV if he lays down in the back of his new car.

As for me? I am checking out for the day. Going spend the day putzing around, moving my office inside where there is heat. I will be doing this under the assumption that I can get the network reconnected in time for work in the morning. I’m also hanging out with a friend, looking for recipes for gluten-free pumpkin pie and reading a book. I’m going to hang here  for a while in the lounge at Procrastination Station. And tomorrow, I’ll get this train back on track.

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13 responses to “Procrastination Station

  1. Oh, man. What a textbook example of “Life getting in the way.” Here I was thinking my weekend was trash, but that sounds like something that I would have to stop myself and repeat, “At least it can’t get worse,” over and over to myself.

    Then, knowing my luck, it would get worse. I always like to think that when stuff like that happens, that there’s probably a treasure trove of story ideas in there. Especially the German vacuum lady! That’s the start of something there, I can feel it.

    Still, though, with everything going on, you still got something out on your goals, and every little bit counts! Heck, I even find that taking time to even just do two lines of something amid the chaos helps me feel just a mite better. So good job. Amazing job, even! I hope things calm down for a little now after all that!

  2. Sounds like you had a great and crazy week! What a series of events. And LOL at the Bridesmaids scene. I’m sure I would be much worse. I’ve never flown and have no desire to.

    As for the plotter vs pansting….just don’t let the plotting cramp your desire to write. There are a ton of published authors – big selling ones – who do a lot of pantsing. Allison Brennan calls it organic writing.

    Good luck!

  3. Nice work with your goals 🙂 I was laughing before you said the cat got stuck in the chimney. Have a wonderful day at Procrastination Station and best of luck for your adventures next week!

  4. That must be one busy station because I swear I was just there! But yeah, I agree. That’s some bizarre few days you’ve got there. 2 lines? Well. That’s better than 0 lines. Just don’t stay at that station too long. I know it’s fun there. There’s lots to see and eat. The people are always entertaining, especially on that thing called a TV. Enjoy the break and good luck getting it back on track 🙂

  5. LOL at Procrastination Station – I make regular stops there! They have a lot of good computer games. 🙂 It sounds like your life totally blew up! But yeah, a little planning might help prevent future explosions. Maybe mark on your calendar or put in an email reminder for when you need to check the propane and oil. I would totally have the same problem if I didn’t send myself reminders. But hey, at least you got a little done – something’s better than nothing, and it’s a new week!

  6. Gotta love procrastination – it can be such an inspiration! lol
    On the commenting goals, I try to comment immediately while readin as I know otherwise I will not get round to going back! That we my reading and commenting goals get hit with a single strike 😀 It might seem like that would take ages, but amazingly I get through so many more than I used to doing it this way (averaging 20-30 comments per week now!). Good luck for the next week 🙂

  7. Hey, I’ve been at Procrastination Station this week too – I thought I recognized you! lol

    Life happens. Which is why I like this writing challenge better than NaNo – not only can I jump into the middle of it, I can set my own goals and revise them when Life Happens.

    In the meantime, enjoy your stay at Procrastination Station – the coffee is good and the chairs comfy. Sometimes we push ourselves to work too hard. A break is good. 🙂

  8. Never has so shitty a weekend sounded so hilarious, thanks to your post!

    Have you considered that the reason the cat got stuck in the chimney could very well be related to the puppy eating the couch?? (I know if I were a cat, I sure wouldn’t want to be eaten by a puppy. Likewise, if I were the puppy, I don’t think I’d want to be outdone by a cat in a high place, sooty place…)

    It seems like your weekend could be a rip-rolling start to a very entertaining children’s book… and when all else fails, that’s what I usually tell myself when I just can’t believe the piling-up misfortunes.

    I do hope your stay in the procrastination station is comfy, and short. I look forward to seeing you on the 10:15 to Productiville in the near future.

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  10. I know I shouldn’t laugh at other’s misfortunes but I couldn’t stop – thank you for that – i do enjoy a laugh and the visions of cats and puppys dying cars and everything with a crazy video just cheered my day

    all the best for this week hope you get bck on track

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