Nov. 2 Check In and Do-Over Do-Over

November! This is the time that I begin to ponder a new year. Jan 1 doesn’t do much for me, but my birthday is at the end of this month, and it always makes me pause and look back to see what I did right and what I could have done better with. Also known as the tank review.

And to celebrate, I revamped my goals, because I was tanking them. A few were poorly timed and one was a bit too constrictive, so I redid my list. Now only two of my original goals remain. I could chalk this up to a careful re-evaluation of my plan and technique, but considering this is the second revision in a month, well, I shan’t be so lofty. I will call it what it is – a caving to reality.

For any of you who are interested, the modified post with my updated goals can be found here.

As for the goals – well, I still have a few days to get my 10 X 10 up, but I did have a moment on Halloween that simultaneously hurt and healed when I received an unexpected gift, so I did get another post up on Rant Rave Write. Sometimes it is just really important to pay attention to the little things, even if you think no one will notice.

I have been reading and commenting on ROWers blogs, but am expanding that practice to non-ROW visitors to my site and those I visit. Until ROW I hadn’t had a full appreciation of feedback.

I am so excited to have a line on illustrators for my children’s works that I can’t sit still with them long enough to get them moving out the door properly. Totally need to reel myself in here. Once more, this applies.

My timer rig is working perfectly, so when I do sit down I no longer find myself in a scramble to pick up Quinn, or make a work call. I’m loving this thing.

I sat down with my little yesterday and went through a basic demonstration of piano playing to start working on one of my new goals. He loves the piano, loves to hear me one-finger out nursery rhymes. All I wanted him to be aware of is that the keys have names. He starts properly at A, and knows which key it is, but he goes all the way to Z. We’ll work on that. Should be interesting, since I read music at approximately the same speed at which grass grows.

And on a totally irrelevant note,  my writing flow shorts out both spell and grammar check. I did something yesterday on a work collaboration site that actually prompted the Google doc translator to offer its services. Awesome.

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6 responses to “Nov. 2 Check In and Do-Over Do-Over

  1. Welcome to plotter-ville! No pants allowed! Well, ok. So the town looks funny. BUT, we typically finish our stories 😉 It’s perfectly fine to be realistic about your goals, if fact you should. Kudos.

  2. Since reassessing is actually key to achieving goals – you’ve done great. And you keep busy, evidently! Congrats on finding an illustrator, too. It seems to take so much time finding good people to work with and it’s such a relief when the connection clicks.

  3. I popped over to your other blog and commented. What a great story… and brava to you for a needed reassessment. Your relationship with your son reminds me of my relationship with my son, who is ten and getting so big! I miss the little boy days.

  4. Isn’t it great how we can change our goals in ROW80 when we need to? Sometimes, we’re not sure what reasonable goals are until we start working on them.

    Good luck with your readjusted goals, and remember you always have the support of the other ROW80 people. 🙂

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