Rant Rave Write Checking In

This was a really productive week.

Even though it was long, I finished and posted the blog I started last week on Rant Rave Write about the Oreo Generation. It is far from cheery, and a bit off tone for me, but I posted it because it helped me work through a struggle I’d been having starting a book.

And because that one was so much less than verbal rays of sunshine, I decided it was time to step back and focus on good things. So I posted a second blog entry this week – part of my 10 X 10 project. The list of Small Pleasures. I totally needed to do that, ’cause wallowing in the garbage can only suck you down. And though garbage and beauty don’t come in equal measures, the weight of one can at least be lightened by the other. If you let it.

If you count this (I don’t) I’ve got three posts in this week! Since I don’t count this one, I have to wonder why I even typed that. Nevermind. My rule for these updates is if it hits the page, it stays. So there you go.

Plus I have a line on not one, but two potential illustrators for the kiddo works. Text has been sent to one and the other is getting her copies today. This makes me goofy happy. I even busted out the Ethyl Merman this morning – Everything’s Coming Up Roses. I only play that song when things really are great, or when they are so abysmal as to warrant a sarcastic daily soundtrack. Even if they both tank it and I have to start over, at least for the moment the projects are moving forward.

I read a lot of ROW blogs, haven’t commented on all of them, but I’m definitely reading.

I think this is going to be good week to review and edit my goals. I expect by Wednesday my check in will contain a revised list to work on.

On a strange note, my ways Photoshop can destroy the world post has been linked to a high traffic Danish blog. My traffic had a super spike so I looked at referral pages and found I couldn’t read a word of it, thought it looked vaguely familiar. I tagged a friend of mine from Norway to see if it was his language, and he identified it for me. Weird.

And I’m charged to read the check ins for this week. Rebecca Flemming’s FB post about her book Belvedere has me excited – once Quinn’s preschool tuition is paid I want to come back for that book! It’s now bookmarked, cause I have the attention span of a gnat. And all the NaNo chatter has me excited too, even though I’m not participating.

Maybe it’s all the pretty white snow outside, but I’m uncharacteristically charged up this week. Kind of makes me wonder who’s sitting in this chair.


5 responses to “Rant Rave Write Checking In

  1. beauty out weighs the s**** beleive an old woman – its a matter sometimes of removing the garbage and looking underneath – don’t let the bad weigh you down and thats a great ‘ put a spring in your step’ song – well done on others and all the best for this week

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