ROW check in #…yeah, I have no idea.

Hmmm…seems I’ve lost count.

Plus I missed last check-in, and while it isn’t technically one of my goals to hit all of them, I need to for motivation.  Seeing all the check ins, some blazing through goals, some stalling out, pushes me to write more.

Instead of what I’m doing now…typing a bit, removing programs from my computer, typing a bit, checking the banana bread, typing a bit, looking for a pop up alarm clock.

I seem to be suffering from some sort of sporadic multitasking disorder today. But the pop up reminder search is for a reason that does relate to writing…

To fight the encroaching multitasking demon, I’m going to set myself a timer on my computer…not allowed to do anything but write until it dings. No email, no coffee, no nothing to distract me. It will also however, remind me to take said banana bread out of the oven at the appropriate time in the event that I get so engrossed in my story that I forget it’s even in the oven.

So – Goals.

Not so much on the blog posting one. Did get part way through a Mother of the Year blog, but I’m finding it long. Really long. As a matter of fact, it may be just the jumping off point that I need for the WIP I have by the same name. I’ve been struggling with the early pages of that WIP, and this may have just solved my problem.

I will be calling this a success, even if it hasn’t been posted.

I did a lot of blog reading, but only commented on a couple, so marginal success there too.


Ahem, when it comes to my Children’s poem, I’m struggling. It’s mocking me. I have this giant list of jobs, do I try to take it up a level and hit every letter of the alphabet? Would that trash the rhyme scheme? How much can I veer off with slanting rhymes, kids are so literal. Hmmm. And who is going to illustrate it? We did at least establish that it won’t be my husband.

It seems you can take the creepy out of the subject matter, but not out of the artist. It was like Tim Burton illustrated a Vincent Price book. Yikes. We won’t try that again.

I’m thinking about posting some of it on the Rant Rave Write blog and see what comes from feedback/suggestions. I have no one to read but me and my husband. And Quinn, but he’s three, and thinks all of my stories are brilliant.

Haven’t done any more pseudonym drops. I may have to cut that goal altogether because the family’s crazy enough without pouring that kind of gasoline into the fire.

And I haven’t sent out a single additional query for One Good Wish, my pictureless picture book. Grrr.

So not great, but not abysmal, either.

But this multitasking thing will be the death of me. It took me 45 minutes to write this post because I stopped halfway through to find a good music click to be the audio trigger on my nifty new timer. I chose my favorite line from a Beck song – “I can’t write, if you can’t relate.” That’ll catch my attention every time.

Don’t forget to Linky bounce for the other updates!

And finally an amusing post script – Word Press seems to think I should use “sodium bicarbonate” as a tag. I wonder how many people search that term in the blog world.



8 responses to “ROW check in #…yeah, I have no idea.

  1. I kept going “Awww.” Then laughing. Repeat 100 times. At least you’ve got a sense of humor about it all. I think the timer idea will pay off. Good luck!

  2. Congrats on the successes and thank you for the chuckles. Great that the banana bread didn’t suffer – go auto timer! It would be humorous to see if there’s a way to track how many hits came in off of the “sodium bicarbonate” tag?
    Thanks for the post on my blog as well. 🙂

  3. “It seems you can take the creepy out of the subject matter, but not out of the artist.”

    This has to be my favorite line of the piece. Conversely, the same can be said for “cute”. I hope that your search for an artist turns up someone with a penchant for cute instead of creepy!

    As for your errant WordPress tag–I’m sure the answer is “not a lot,” but that’s only until it becomes the next hot comment sign-off.

    So, Sodium bicarbonate to you! (& Good luck!)

  4. Love your blog and your post and your easily distractable mind (so much like mine). I will need your address so I can come over for a piece of banana bread. 😀 I like your timer idea and I may just have to try it out for myself. I hope the rest of your timed week goes well. 🙂

  5. I agree with Ryan, this is definitely an ‘awww’ post! lol Good luck with the timer and all your goals, you’ll get there! 😉

    • I went with Cool Timer – downloaded from
      I chose it because you could set any time increment from a second up, I could play with the color scheme and pick the audio file from my own stash that I wanted to use for my alarm. And did I spend a stupid half hour playing with it to make it all fun? You bet I did!

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