Rant Rave Write Wed. Check In

This ROW thing is really working for me, which is amazing, considering things like this usually freak me out. Goals, list and due dates – AH!

But whatever the reason is, I’m going to roll with it.

I managed to get a blog posted to the 10 X 10 on Rant Rave Write before the end of my week, and even started another entry, though it’s for the Mother of the Year category…that cat isn’t explicitly part of my goals, but I’m writing and that’s what matters. The post isn’t up yet, and the cat is kind of skinny, but I’m hoping people drop in…constructive crits are always welcome.

I also managed a blog post in the Affirm This blog…only a new vocabulary word, but again – it’s something. Not the revamping of the mission, but still – something.

And since when do I even have a mission? That’s just silly. Moving on.

I’m making progress with the children’s poem too – and thanks to those of you on FB that contributed to my list of jobs for that! And I’ll make this an open call while I’m at it – comments telling me the most unusual, exciting or strange job you’ve ever held will really help me!  Please, please, as I’m tired of reading books about doctors, lawyers, teachers and firemen being the only jobs kids should consider; I’m working on a silly poem to remedy that.

Doing a lot of blog reading, following many of you now, which also helps with motivation – both seeing others’ success and struggles.

I do seem to be shifting my focus some though, so it may be time to revise my goals.


3 responses to “Rant Rave Write Wed. Check In

  1. You are a rockin’ and a rollin’. Don’t you love how with ROW80 we are encouraged to modify our goals if they aren’t working? It is one of my favorite things about this challenge.

    Glad to have “met” you today… keep it up!!

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