Rant Rave Write Oct. ROW80 Check In

Well, I’m late with the check in for Sunday, but I feel like I have to post anyway, because I rocked out my goals list this week.

Not only did I actually complete a blog entry on Rant Rave Write, but I did it well before my Sunday end of the week deadline. I think it was Friday that I posted it.  Who is that productive person??

I also did a fair amount of work on the Seuss style poem – not on the writing of it, exactly, but I did do a lot of digging into rhyme and meter structures to find some ideas on bringing it together…I think at this point I have so many random stanzas that I’m being overwhelmed by them.  I also did some digging into unusual career choices that I can work in – the book in general is a silly look at different things kids can be when they grow up aside from the ubiquitous doctor/layer/teacher/fireman books I see everywhere.  I also hit my hubby up for some illustration ideas…since my talents seem to have fled, I’m hoping we can shift some of his talents down from full-blown creepy to silly. Not sure how successful that will be.

I still haven’t done much work on Affirm This, but some work is an improvement over no work.

I did a lot of ROW 80 reading, but haven’t had time to go back and comment – though I have several earmarked for it, and have started to bring some people into Google + circles and reaching out.  This sense of community seems to be working for me – I’m so accustomed to hiding out that I never get much encouragement or constructive criticism.  This is well laid out for me in Elizabeth Anne Mitchell’s post here, which is on my list to comment on.


4 responses to “Rant Rave Write Oct. ROW80 Check In

  1. Good job on ROW80 this week. I too enjoyed Elizabeth Anne Mitchell’s post, it actually got me to write a ROW80 Check-In, though I had gotten nothing accomplished.


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