ROW Wed. Check In for Rant Rave Write

This is killing me. Barely a week in, and I’ve discovered the primary flaw in my plan to reach my goals.  See, it’s not the goals that are problematic. It’s that I’m still working in that damnably archaic 24-hour-day deal. I need to upgrade. 26 hours should be enough, maybe 27.

I’m working on another blog entry for Rant Rave Write, but it’s a photoblog this time – 10 Ways Photoshop Can Destroy the World. It’s part of my 10X10 Project. But since it’s largely photos, it kind of feels like cheating.  There is text, a breakdown for each entry, but still…

I did at least open the Seuss style poem…need a title for that…maybe something alliterative… hmmm, must ponder that. But all I really did with it was choose a random stanza and make it my Facebook status for an afternoon. Success? Yeah, I’m not claiming that.

I did meet my mark as far as reading fellow ROW blogs and commented on some, but not as many as I’d have liked. I find this feedback REALLY valuable and motivational, so I need to be better about it.

Haven’t done much with the AffirmThis blog, either. Haven’t done anything in there since 9/15. Bad, bad Nettie.

Haven’t changed my name anywhere either, nor have I put any additional effort into query’s on the not yet illustrated picture book, One Good Wish. Really need to figure out where my artistic skills are hibernating and coax them awake, or find someone willing to draw down with no up front cash. Hmmmm.

And why are so few people on Google +…the circle setup seems ideal for something like ROW.


2 responses to “ROW Wed. Check In for Rant Rave Write

  1. sorry to hear you’re struggling, hope things pick up for you soon. I’m on Google+ too, I agree it would be good for ROW80 too – maybe next round??

  2. Congrats on what you’d done so far. Sometimes it’s hard to get everything done that needs doing it a day. Last time, I had some trouble meeting all my ROW80 goals. I thought the goals were reasonable but they really weren’t for my schedule. I think I’ve managed to set really reasonable goals this time.

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