ROW Round 4 Check in # 2 – Rant Rave Write

Hmmm…off to a mediocre start. I did get one blog post to the 10 X 10 Category of Rant Rave Write. That post is here. And feedback or comments would be met with many thanks, Or some tears and a string of invectives.

And though I didn’t rearrange Rant Rave Write, I did create this Blog – sort of a back page to the oringinal…I couldn’t come up with a way other than this to post my updates in Blog form without sending this agony to the subscribers of the original site. So that sort of counts. I’m counting it.

And I read more than 3 (quite a lot, actually) of the posts from other ROW folks, but that comment thing didn’t quite happen. Half point?

I also put in a query for One Good Wish. But I’m feeling fairly sure at this point that without the accompanying illustrations this is going nowhere. I can see it so well in me head!  WHY can’t I get it to come out of the pen???

I did change my fake name here to my real one, but that’s the only place I  did it, so that feels like it’s cheating.

For the other goals…well not so hot.

Not only did I not get any stanzas added to the Seuss style poem, I didn’t even open it.

Ditto on the Affirm This site…and that one was much quicker picking up readers than Rant Rave Write. Way to chuck the momentum.

Here’s the linky for anyone wanting to check in progress for others.


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